How to: Scenic basing without breaking the bank

I’m a big believer that no matter how good the paint job, every model looks half done until it’s based. Clear flying stands mitigate this to an extent but I still prefer a proper base and like the extra dynamism this can lend to a model. To see it in it’s habitat if you will. I also dislike the idea of dropping a fortune on resin bases for an entire army. I can cope with a few for skirmish games, but for anything larger scale any hobby money is for paint and models right?

With that in mind my basing efforts have definitely improved over the years, from the ubiquitous Goblin Green with flock in the early 90s to today’s efforts, and so far I’ve resolutely ignored requests for a step by step. Partly because I get engrossed and forget to stop to take photos and partly due to a lack of any creative outlet. Well Corehammer’s the perfect outlet, I had a flying base that needed some attention, so time bust out the camera and get cracking.

It seems appropriate for a tutorial to steal literary ideas from Nolan, and start at the end in a Memento-esque fashion. (A film I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it)

2013-06-07 22.32.57 finished

The finished article

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Band Of The Week : The Flex

So in true punk rock style, our “regular feature” BOTW didn’t last more than two weeks before I fumbled the ball. Had a couple of essays due for University and a lot on my plate at work soz!

Anyway, back to business. We’ve recieved a couple of emails from people who follow the blog overseas, asking us if we could recomend a few UK bands to check out. Let it never be said that the Corehammer Crew does not listen to it’s loyal readers. So with that in mind we return to the fray with a band who, for my money, best represent the true spirit of hardcore in the UK right now. The Flex…… Continue reading

Feels Good To Be A Punk Loser

Feels Good To Be A Punk Loser

Back in the day, whatever I was into was a niche hobby or interest, be it computer games, heavy metal, skateboarding or Warhammer. When I say niche hobby, I mean you and the other few social pariahs into it took pelters at school for being squares and were left feeling like a piece of shit for not toeing the party line. Fast forward 20 years and the landscape has changed. Pretty much every household has a console, computer and tablet, and grown men are bickering over the upcoming XBox One v PS4 showdown. Heavy music has never been more popular. Admittedly, most of this popular stuff is utter gash, but it raises an eyebrow when people you went to school with, who looked down at you for trying to put Pantera or Sepultura on the 6th form common room stereo, are now gushing over the latest Queens Of The Stone Age and Alice In Chains albums, or this year’s Reading festival line-up. Continue reading

Summoning – “Old Mornings Dawn” Review


I’m no black metal expert, I don’t sit in a dark room in Bergen poring over pictures of Dead and his messy ending. I understand that the genre’s become something other than what it started off as, and that it’s fragmented. But as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing. This isn’t Norwegian, there are hardly any guitars, and certainly no dead bodies.   Continue reading

How the Gods Kill – Danzig at The Roundhouse 24th June 2013 Show Review


Taping the late night metal show on tv as a youth  and having it playing in the background while playing games of Blood Bowl or 90% proxy games of 40k. The songs that stayed in my memory was always Man in a Box by Alice in Chains, Refuse/Resist by Sepultura and Liar by Rollins, as well as shit like Skid Row. Another on regular was Mother by a guy who an older mate of mine dubbed “The Evil Dwarf”, that bulging block of darkness was the man, the legend, Danzig. Continue reading

Interview: Rob Camp from Abandon Ship.


Photo by Joe Watson:

Rob has been around forever. His gentlemanly demeanour and clean looks meant I never had him pegged as a closet gamer. But between playing music and combing his tache, the lad loves a bit of Bloodbowl and has some good tales to tell. I swung him some questions last week and he was good enough to spend a fair bit of time with his responses. 

Tell me who you are, and drop your hardcore credentials.
I’m Rob Camp. Wrong side of 35. Resident of Brighton & Hove. If you’re involved in hardcore punk, you might know me as the frontman of defunct (albeit dredged up) band, Abandon Ship. Also put on a bunch of gigs in Brighton in the mid 00’s. Also played bass in the The Hard Way, and guitar for both Bases Loaded and Legal Highs. Continue reading

My Luck’s Changing with the Roll of the Dice – Corehammer Shirts Available for Pre-Order

Corehammer shirt navy mock

Over the past couple of months, our collective, and with it our Empire, has expanded from being a few people on an e-mail list to a large and varied group of miscreants contributing daily towards an ever-growing resource.

We have plans for further expansion though, and as part of this (and the fact that we like collectible printed garments just as much as any other coremen), we decided to print up some shirts so that we could represent our cabal whenever required (or even when unrequired). When an unfunctional gamer at one of our local gaming stores clocks a stern lecture on their lack of personal hygiene, there will be no doubt that it came courtesy of Corehammer.

We have received a bit of interest on this merchandise, so have decided to make it open to the proletariat. If you are interested in picking one up, place an order at our new munitorium depot. We will be taking orders for the next week or so, so please don’t wait around to place your procurement request. Everything is being printed to order, so don’t hesistate and then try to blag one from us later.

Orders will be printed and despatched by the end of July, unexpected warm storms pending. If you have any queries/requests, use the contact us form on the webstore.

P.S. Corehammer stalwart Adam Chander is responsible for the moshing Marine illustration, get in touch with him if you need his services for drawing or tattoos.

Figure Painter Magazine: Review of Issue 2.

FPM_MainLogoFormed in some sort of weird split from the equally excellent Portal magazine from WAMP, Figure Painter is in it’s second issue and is already starting to make some waves. It’s easy to see why, it is a well constructed and finely written e-magazine dedicated solely to painting. If you’re looking for tactica, battle reports, pictures of that cute green haired bird, or articles about gaming hills then you’re out of luck I’m afraid. Don’t be disheartened though, there is a lot of great content contained herein that may really help out your style. Continue reading

Clenched fist, to the man in the sky – Part 1

I have had a varied level of success with the achievements in my life – I believe my crowning achievement came when I was 17. Whilst driving through Leeds city centre as part of a three car convoy full of teenage members of the straight edge community returning home after playing a house show, I had a cold piece of pizza in my hand. Going past the university library, I spotted a young lady wearing a low cut top and in a moment of pure clarity I saw the trajectories required in order to launch the pizza through the air and land directly between her breasts. I catapulted the pizza from the car as my fifteen or so friends watched and it piroetted mid air, before landing topping down on her chest – she screamed like she had been struck by the shell from a bolter. Everyone cheered and I knew that it would be the greatest thing I would ever achieve. (I’d like to point out that I didn’t chose a female specifically, I also once egged a man walking to the pub on Christmas Eve).

The reason I mention achievements is because I’ve been into Games Workshop products for about fifteen years now, but have still only built & painted one army of 1000 points, that’s pretty ridiculous. So this overly long introduction was basically to say that my plan with this series of articles is to motivate me to complete a Crimson Fists force and get it to at least 1500 points – hopefully 2000, then I can die relatively happy.inflatable water slide canada

photo 1

The models I already painted last year, not much but it’s a start!

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