Welcome to Normandy – Quick Guide to Bolt Action for New Players


Charlie’s Luch & Stug chilling out in Normandy… my living room floor

If you read this blog on the regular, you may have seen my coverage of the Warlord Games Day last month, which pretty much turned out to be a love letter to the company and their runaway success, Bolt Action. Well I’ve been preaching to the Corehammer guys for long enough about why they should be getting involved, I thought I would expand on my congregation and chirp on at you guys too.
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Building a game table. Part two

Authors note: All measurements are given in imperial. Given that Warhammer is played in inches I will assume everyone is familiar with inches and feet. You can convert everything to metric easily with your favorite online conversion tool if needed.

As you may recall from part one I am using plans from a now defunct website called drunkdwarves.com. I wish I could find those dudes and thank them. If anyone knows the guys who were behind that site thank them for me.


The supplies you’ll need to build this table are as followed:

  • 2 4×4″x8′ posts
  • 6 2×6″x10′ boards
  • 3 2×4″x10′ boards
  • 32 1/4″ – 5.5″ long Carriage bolts
  • 32 1/4″ nuts
  • 32 washers
  • 12 90* 1″ metal angle brackets and at least 24 1″ pan head wood screws

You’ll also need a mitre or circular saw, hand sander, drill, straight edge, pencil and measuring tape. The total cost for all the boards and hardware  was about $75USD.

You will need to cut the lumber into the following sizes:

  • 2 4×4″x8′ posts into 4 4×4″x39.5″ posts
  • 6 2×6″x10′ boards into 4 2×6″x49″ boards and 4 2×6″x100″ boards
  • 3 2×4″x10′  boards into 5 2×4″x49″ boards

An early morning call to Ben let him know that today was the day we’d start the table. I drove past his place to pick him up so we could go grab the mitre saw we needed to borrow and grab a breakfast burrito for him. After securing the saw and burrito we headed back to my house to begin the project. Ben’s brother Dan had mentioned earlier in the week that if he had time off he wanted to join us to help. I shot him a text message and asked if he was available and if so to head over.
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DIY Model Storage Solution

My storage solution..

My storage solution..

When signing up to the war gaming hobby you are going to have to face up to a few facts:

a) You WILL go overboard and spend way too much money on nicely shaped plastic/resin/metal.

b) Your new hobby WILL have an impact on your living space and those who share it with you!


Due to this at some point in your hobby existence you will want to consider storage options for your nefarious goods.  But with a large number of expensive model cases on the market is their a simpler and more cost efficient solution for the modern day wargamer?

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Building a game table. Part one

I got my start much in the same way many other gamers did. A couple blisters of miniatures, a handful of dice, a basic grasp of the rules and some eager friends. We played on kitchen tables with books and soda cans for terrain then eventually graduated to an unfinished plywood board resting on folding card tables or saw horses with some half decent scratch built terrain. As my interest grew and skills improved, I became a better painter, better gamer and better terrain maker. I never managed to create a nice table to play on. It was still just plywood placed on folding tables. It was easy to store and didn’t take up valuable space in the small places I usually lived in.

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Band Of The Week – CONTROLLED

1150970_407479596018192_381410383_nOver the last couple of weeks we have been approached by a couple of bands asking how they can be featured on the Band Of The Week section. “Can we have our manager send you a demo?” ‘We’d love to be featured on your website, we have played two shows and already have a street team’. Please vote for us to play this festival” etc etc. That kind of silly nonsense. Our policy on this is really simple. Don’t Be Shit. Be a legit Hardcore punk band. And in all honesty WE tell YOU if we like your band, you don’t tell us. I’ve been hanging around long enough and sat through way too many shitty bands that I think I know what I like by now. Having said that, if one of my mates is in the band that probably helps a bit too, as is the case of this weeks new band Controlled from Sydney Australia.

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Warlord Games Open Day 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 13.54.58

Chilli – The original Gamer WAG

On 27th July, myself, Corehammer compatriot Charlie B and my girlfriend Chilli (Gamer WAG?) traveled up to Nottingham for the first Warlord Games Open Day (held in a ballroom next to their workshops). For those of you who don’t know (and I’ll assume you don’t) Warlord is a games company that until recently has had a focus on 28mm Historical games (more on this later) who as well as create their own games, also produce their own resin and metal minis in house.

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Boldly going where everyone’s been before. Dipping miniatures, or not.


This must be what its like being a time traveller, or someone frozen in the past, waking up to find the world changed beyond recognition, dazzling skylines as far as the eye can see, wondrous technology, making life both richer and easier, feeling your head is actually going to explode with all the new data being pumped in to it by all senses.

What am I on about? The technological advances in miniature painting during my 15 year hiatus, that’s what. I’m consistently being blown away with new shit, the now ubiquitous air bush, the mind bending colour theory on show, using household products to weather and age your models, all this has come to pass, and I’m still of the opinion that thinning ones paints is the pinnacle of technological advancement.sesame street bounce house

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Hasslefree Miniatures Review.


Hasslefree miniatures have been around for some time now. I’ve seen their output in friends miniature cases, and on websites for a while, but have always been put off their range as I loathe the whole ‘big-breasted female with a sword’ idea of female sculpts. Seriously guys, if the girl needs a sword, she’ll also need armour that covers more than just her nipples. There are easier, and better ways to look at the female form that don’t also tell the whole world what a weird little virgin you are. Luckily, I was recently proven wrong. And I’m really happy that I was.
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Dawn Of A Newport Apocalypse – Outrage CC

429071_396038920486255_153721278_nI hate it when a band slips by me that I later end up jocking like fuck. Earlier this year I took a sabbatical from the internet. I’d just started at University and was working a pretty heavy job full time so in a rare act of maturity I decided I needed to knuckle down and focus on hitting the grades I’d set for myself. I get really easily distracted so decided to jib off twitter and Instagram and all the other stuff I spend far too much time sitting on trying to make shit jokes. Anyway turns out I’m sweet as fuck at schoolwork and upon my triumphant return to the internet discovered I’d missed out on a lot of new music. A lot of it sucked but then I happened upon Outrage CC………

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Curry review: Dishoom, Shoreditch, London


This is the first in a (hopefully) ongoing series, aimed at pointing dudes in the direction of decent food around the UK. If you are out on tour, or visiting another town for gigs or games, hopefully this might prove useful. Or indeed, if you can drag yourself away from a life of painting overpriced bits of plastic (something I find difficult), you may even be able to find the sustenance that drives your army toward completion. Continue reading