Building a game table. Part three

In the last installment of building the table we were mostly done. If you recall the table was assembled other than the supports to hold the playing surface. We made the decision to disassemble the table, sand and stain the boards and reassemble it. Sanding the boards is not difficult it is just time consuming. I threw on the headphones, queued up a random playlist of punk and hardcore and got to work. I recommend using a random orbital sander and 220 grit sandpaper. If you don’t have one you can pick up a cheap but good sander for about $30 at most hardware stores.


Sanding the boards

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How to paint pre heresy Emperors Children the easy way.


You’re gonna need more than weak lemon drink to hang with us son.

Simon Quinlank may well be the prince of pass times, the King of all hobbies, and for a few neckbeards down your local GW store, this guy is more than likely what they’ll end up as.. But when you’re hanging with Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure, weak lemon drink and a note book just aint gonna cut it, dig?

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Mark Of Calth – Book review

Mark-of-Calth-A5-HBThe Mark Of Calth is the latest Horus Heresy offering from the increasingly prolific audio wing of The Black Library. It’s also been just been released in paperback format which in all honesty works better as TMOC is a collection of short stories. The anthology is set in and around the events that comprised the infamous Siege Of Calth, whereupon the zealous Word Bearers (now revealed as traitors), prosecute a campaign of extermination against their old rivals the righteous Ultramarines. Their fiendish plan? To catch the Ultramarines slipping and scour the 500 Worlds Of Ultramar with fire, sword and a shit ton of warp spawned black magic.
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Band Of The Week – NIBIRU


“Nibiru play hardcore bone-crunching mayhem psychedelic sex-funk from heaven, and we’re here to perpetrate the funk into your anal cavity. So pay attention.”

Not my words, the words of Nibiru themselves, when they were interviewed by SWNK, at the back end of 2011. Strong words from a band featuring members of some of Ireland’s finest hardcore mobs (Frustration, Bang Bros and Famine) who play some equally strong music

This is a witch’s brew of epic proportions. Take the attitude of NYHC, the swagger of early grunge and crunch of 90s metal, and you’re someway to embracing the majesty of Nibiru. If you can’t process that, and need it be pigeon-holed, then think Life Of Agony or Twitching Tongues. You know, big fuck off RIFFS™, a massive chorus, thumping rhythms, breakdowns, there’s something for everyone to get their teeth into. Moshers and headbangers unite!

Nostalgia is selling well at the moment, with bands like the aforementioned Twitching Tongues, Daylight, Title Fight and the sorely-missed Basement tapping into that golden era of music, that’s causing dudes in their mid-30s to lose their shit when they hear it. People reminisce about their carefree younger days and how great it was, but I think it misses the point. It’s not about the times, it’s more about that feeling you had when you first heard these seminal bands. Remember the first time you listened to the Revelation Records: In-Flight Program sampler, hearing bands like Quicksand making the leap and crossing over, the sheer joy of those staccato riffs and emotional vocals? Well, that’s what I get with Nibiru. It doesn’t make me think about being at school (which was shit), it connects in a way like when I first heard Tool or Helmet.

Don’t think Nibiru are a worship and tribute act though, not at all, they’ve got a strong game, and enough hooks in their locker to keep it fresh and exciting. They pay respect to the Allfathers, but forge ahead with their own chapter. So, do yourself a favour and pick up their new 7″ on Carry The Weight from our man Pat, or the demo 7″ on Holy Roar

 Planet earth is a dying whore. Embrace Nibiru.

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Painting Buddha / Master Minis DVD review.

IMG_0011MasterMinis has been a site growing in popularity for the last year. I guess theres a word to describe the diligence of creator Michael Bartels (henceforth referred to by his screen name Zaphod.) That word is quirky. I haven’t met the man, but am looking forward to hunting him down at Games Day UK, where Corehammer will be repping in force. But if I’ve not met him, then how can I sum him up in one word? It’s a fair question, but the reason I feel I can do this is because Zaphod injects so much of himself in to this blog. While this makes for some confusing reading sometimes, this is more than made up for by the quality of content, the unique take on the hobby that the blog brings, and the sense of humour Zaphod addsinflatable marquees. Recently, Zaphod decided to make a massive life move. He stepped away from the daily grind, and decided to push to make a living from the things he loves the most, which luckily for us, is ‘the hobby’. Here, we take our initial look at the initial release from his company, Painting Buddha.

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Oldhammer – Bring Out Your Lead! 2013

As I delve back into the hobby, I’ve noticed loads of cool blogs, such as Oldhammer, Realm Of Chaos 80s, The Citadel Collector and Warhammer For Adults amongst others, that are dedicated to the early editions of Warhammer and the hobby in general. So when I noticed Oldhammer were having a weekender, amusingly called Bring Out Your Lead, here in Nottingham at Foundry Miniatures, I thought it would be rude not to pop in for an hour or so, check out some Spirit Of The 80s  action, take a few photos, and have a mooch about.
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Band Of The Week: FADE

photo-6A little context to start: Margate, England in the early 90’s. My friend Alan and I were basically a couple of little teenage hillbillies from a decaying seaside town in Kent who, like many others at the time, had stumbled into hardcore punk via grunge rock right around the time the members of the original youth crew bands were growing out their hair, smoking weed and rocking out. At the time I recall I was a bit disappointed that those bands were yesterdays news since it was the visceral energy in the photos on the sleeves of records by bands like Youth Of Today and Judge that really drew us in and took a hold of our imagination. But sadly we’d missed the party by a couple of years and by 1994 the sonic landscape had changed somewhat. It was bands like Undertow, Unbroken, Ressurection, Earth Crisis, Strife that were the current sound of Straight Edge hardcore so naturally we cast aside the Rev all stars and what we considered to be the Ghost of Straight Edge past and instead gravitated towards that contemporary take on things, slower and heavier and more militant than the previous generation and reflective of changing times, values and ideas…..

Meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier, the dudes who’d defined and been inspired by the Rev years were already well onto another progressive tip. Bands like Quicksand, Shift, Into Another, Stillsuit  and the UK’s own Understand were developing chops and exploring structures that were closer to the underground alternative noise rock of Helmet and Jawbox etc that I’d been listening to a couple of years earlier. It took me a while but I finally got my head around what was going on and by the time Quicksand’s Manic Compression was released, I was well on board. Apologies for the flashback intro but It’s these ‘stripey t-shirt bands’ and the feeling of nostalgia they evoke that springs to the front of my mind when listening to this weeks featured new band Fade.
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Operation Overlord – Bolt Action Tournament Report


One of many sweet armies being played on the day.

On the morning of Saturday 30th August 2013, in a small market town in the Midlands, only really known as the home town of Ricky from Eastenders, an epic operation of military might took place. Little would the workers at Orbital Tyres know, that the unassuming Scout hut behind their workshop would be the beginning of the end of World War II… in 28mm.

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