Slaves To Chaos- Mind Eraser & The Rival Mob in Sheffield

I think it’s fair to say the announcement that Boston’s current hardcore kings The Rival Mob were to be playing two exclusive UK shows alongside Mind Eraser was greeted with a veritable frenzy of rabid excitement. A UK appearance from both bands has been long overdue but it was Violent Reaction’s Tom Pimlott (the UK’s very own hardcore exchange student) who was the man with the connections to finally make it happen, facilitated by zine guru & promotional mastermind Max Mitchell handling organisation and logistics. These two gentlemen get full props from Corehammer for the way in which these shows happened. No booking agent bullshit, no absurd demands or rock star nonsense, just well laid plans and flyers in hands. Everyone’s a winner.
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Band Of The Week – Forsaken


It ain’t easy starting a new chapter after the last band you were in enjoyed some success and caused a bit of a fuss, such is the case with South Wales crossover oiks Forsaken. With at least one member having cut their teeth in the short lived (but nigh on perfect) NYHC inspired Wardogs, the pressure to ensure you DON’T deliver a turkey must have weighed pretty heavily on those narrow shoulders and after a so-so demo and some average live shows I thought that’d probably be the case with these lads, thanks for playing have a nice life etc.
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SELWG 2013 Wargame Show

photo 3

On Sunday 13th October, Charlie and myself paid a visit to the annual SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) open day at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. Needless to say the juxtaposition of the sports centre’s regular patrons (swimmers and people going to the gym) and the average historical wargamer (no description required) was quite amusing.
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Warhammer for Charity – Battle for Sophia


Just a quick post to bring to people’s attention a charity even taking part at the end of the month. Battle for Sophia is a 48 hour sponsored Warhammer Fantasy Battle gaming being run by the Innsmouth Gaming Club with the aim to help fund a life changing operation and rehabilitation for Sophia Aitken, a 2 year old girl who has Spastic Diplegia, a form of Cerebral Palsy.

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Why everyone should read The Lost And The Damned

I like my 40k and Warhammer dark in both aesthetic & fluff – I’ve never had an Ork or Goblin army because the aesthetic that I like is one of bleakness & misery. Ork models can sometimes look a bit too light hearted and wacky for my personal tastes. There’s a reason I’ve been drawn to Death Guard, Nurgle, Tzeentch & Crimson Fist armies because I like my version of the grim darkness of the future to be grim. The reason I mention this is because it offers a good explanation as to why I like the Realm Of Chaos books so much.


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Adeptus Mechanicus: Beyond the Imperium

So I got to chatting with Mark Bedford & Rob MacFarlane about Mechanicum forces at Games Day. Do you know the one thing I took away from those guys? Excitement. Excitement for the scope and boundaries they were able to push; whether that’s using entirely CAD sculpting methods (ala the new TAU R’Varna) to compliment the straight lined Mechanicum aesthetic, or the blank canvas that goes along with an absence of any comparable GW existing model range the future of the Mechanicum looks bright.

The cover art for the Black Library's Mechanicum

The cover art for the Black Library’s Mechanicum

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The Weekend Workshop – October Painting Workshop in Liverpool


Fresh off the back of the Upping Your Paint Game article, The Weekend Workshop offer you the perfect chance to channel that newly found desire to push those skills as far as you can. I’ve been present at the last three of these workshops, and I can attest to their value. To sit with a master painter for two solid days, paint with them, talk with them, see their work first hand, have them critique your own work… there is a value to all these things that can not be understated. What is equally important, is the meeting of new painters, all of a similar level, all with a similar drive, and getting to hang out for a weekend of hobbying the likes of which you won’t often experience. They are listed as 10 hour days but honestly, not a single workshop I’ve attended has lasted any shorter than 11/12 hours, such is the amount of enthusiasm and passion to learn. The cost is more than made up for, and you will come away feeling as though you’ve got your absolute moneys worth. Check below for all the information you’re going to need.
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Band Of The Week – Bang Bros

The Brotherhood Of Bang

The Brotherhood Of Bang

Last week the Corehammer Mournival very kindly gave me the week off from BOTW so that I could A) Focus upon my end of year project for University and B) Piss about with my mates at Outbreak Fest for the weekend. The Witch Hunter himself Chris Kaye held the fort and did a sterling job in my absence, introducing Nibiru who are a BIG favourite here amongst the inner circle pit, be sure to check out their new 7” on CTW, it’s a ripper.  Anyhow I’m now back in the saddle and suitably relieved/revived enough to continue telling you all about bands that you were probably already hip to long before I finally switched on and tuned in. We seem to be developing a theme here because this week I want to talk to you about ANOTHER class act from Dublin, Ireland. The mighty BANG BROS!!!
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Upping Your Paint Game – What to do when you want to push those skills further.

Rafa main image

Brother Fonsel, by Rafael García Marín (Volomir). An incredible painter, a very incredible male. Source –

Once a person has their basic skills nailed, there is usually a period of transition. At least, there was for me. Your drybrushing and edge highlighting and washing is all fine, and you’re ready to progress. But how to do so? Barring a few examples, White Dwarf guides have always proved inadequate, and usually only show you how to paint their own style, which very often is at odds with GD winners, and the stuff you see on CMON. So once you’ve made that decision, to start upping your game when it comes to painting, where do you turn? If your only hobby friends are gamers who paint to get their armies on the table, it might be difficult to break through and see how many amazing resources there are out there. So here, I present a guide for anyone looking to make that step. It is by no means comprehensive, and it is completely malleable to your own situation, but it should help you make those first few steps in to a much more colourful and well blended world.

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