Last chance for Corehammer Merch


We’ve extended the shirt and crew pre-order by a few days to account for last day of the month paydays, but this is the last chance to grab the moshing marine shirts and crewneck before this design is retired for good. We are stopping the shirt and crewneck pre-orders on Monday, so if you’ve waited, make sure you get your order in over the weekend. The dice will continue to be in the store until we have sold out of them.

Order shirts, crews and dice at the Corehammer Munitorium.

Big thanks to the people who have ordered so far, all this money is being pumped back into future Corehammer endeavours, we are hoping that 2014 is going to be a big year for us, online and offline.

The Tower Of Antlers – A Pathfinder Chronicle #1


Intro – By Kev
A few months back I was approached by Corehammer Webmaster Stevie, who said that he wants to start playing Pathfinder, and thought that between the Corehammer group we might be able to muster up a few bods who might be interested. I had a think and decided I’d have a go of being GM. I’d never played Pathfinder before but had played D&D 3.5,Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, AD&D etc. GM’ing had never been something I had an interest in, but it was either be GM, or worry about there being no game. I’d had some ideas in the past for a cool campaign, but being a little overwhelmed by the whole tidal wave of data put in front of me meant that designing my own encounters as well as learning to play the game, and run the game meant that I wanted a good few sessions in front of me before we moved on to the things of my own design. With that in mind, I started writing Tower Of Antlers, and working out where I could crowbar it in to the existing Inner Sea region. It just so happened that Varasia was perfect in every single way, however I’m not going in to how as I don’t want to drop any spoilers for the 4 players I’m working with. We’re playing through a pre-existing story at the moment, but I know exactly at which point we’ll be breaking off and heading in to the campaign proper. I know what level I need my guys to be… and I’m excited to get in to my own content. And now over to Nate.
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Apocalypse 91…The Golden Age Of Hip-Hop

Warhammer, heavy metal, computer games, skateboarding and hip-hop were the things I loved as a young teenager. Niche hobbies, unpopular stuff, and things you had to go off the beaten track to indulge. It was hard work, but hey, that’s punk rock for you. Around about the same time I discovered Warhammer in the 4th year (that’s year 10 in new money) I was handed a tape of the latest Public Enemy album ‘Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black’. I had to prise the Guns N Roses tape out of the Alba hi-fi, and what I heard blew my tiny ignorant mind. This went in hard, was political, had boatloads of swearing, and even had the cover of ‘Bring The Noise’ by Anthrax. Considerer me converted!

Hobbyzone Paint Rack Review


Mysterious boxes from Poland

Mysterious boxes from Poland

I’d been looking for a better paint storage solution for quite a while when some of the Corehammer lads pointed me toward Polish company Hobbyzone – who had a variety of solutions on offer.  I’ll be honest, I was moving house in a few weeks / months, so being a bit prone to procrastination, I put off the inevitable purchase.  It was also going to give me a chance to see if any of the other lads bought one, and if they were gonna be much cop. However, much radio silence on the paint rack side of things ensued. Time passed by and I moved house. I got my little permanent painting corner sorted out (score!) in the kitchen, and thought I’d be a gent and try to keep the painting area a bit tidier for the Mrs.

So it came to time for taking the plunge and buying some MDF from the internet. Thinking about the paints I had, I knew I was going to need something that could take the Games Workshop paint pots, the Vallejo dropper style bottles (I think Army Painter use these type of bottles too), and hopefully also the tall pots that P3 and Cote D’Arms currently use (and that Games Workshop used to use back in the day).

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Kickstart My Heart – Battle Systems Modular Terrain Part II – Interview

kickstarterBS102Yesterday I published an introduction to the Battle Systems Modular Terrain, but as ever with Corehammer, we wanted to dig a little bit deeper and know a bit more about the people behind it. What drives them to what they do, how did they stumble into this hobby, and how did they go about turning a hobby into a business? They kindly obliged us.

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Kickstart My Heart – Battle Systems Modular Terrain Part I


If you have been at all involved in the world of wargaming over the past two or three years, you will have noticed that the trend for independent companies to run Kickstarter style fundraisers for their new releases has become nearly ubiquitious, and with Mantic’s Deadzone, Kingdom Death’s Monster and Reaper Miniatures Bones and Bones II all raising millions of dollars, who can blame them.

In a thinly concealed effort to capture the zeitgeist, Corehammer’s elite team of writers will be writing about the projects we have been investing all the money we made from selling limited Games Day merchandise. I’ll be kickstarting (badum-tsh) this series with a piece on Battle Systems Modular Cardboard Terrain.

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Merch for the Merch God! Limited Edition dice, shirts and crewnecks

Merch for the Merch God!

This is the last run of this design, so get them while they are hot ( although not hot enough for the “gets hot” rule to apply).

In the spirit of all good gaming companies, we have decided to print a new and refined second edition of the Corehammer shirt. As there are no rules to update, or treasured background to retcon, we have simply changed the colour schemes available.

You can now pre-order this in two colour schemes, this is for a white shirt, with black ink and will printed on Gildan. Pre-Orders are open for two weeks, and will be sent to munitorium logistics in three to four.

Available from the Corehammer Munitorium

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The Harmonica Man – Introducing Von


28/M/Sarf Lahndan mate.

Master of Chaos cover: a two-headed dragon against a gloomy grey background.

What got you in to gaming?

When I was just an ‘orrible little lad, I didn’t have any friends, so I used to spend every evening in the library. One of the first things I picked up for my own sweet self was a Fighting Fantasy gamebook (I think it was Master of Chaos). I cheated my way through that one, really liked it, and must have been the last person to like it since the library sold off its entire stock a month or so later. I bought the lot, including The Ridding Reaver, this strange document that suggested you could do something like this with other people, and that got me started on Advanced Fighting Fantasy, and sitting around at school reading Out of the Pit attracted the attention of some lads with a Citadel Miniatures catalogue – this was 1995, when Tom Kirby’s “every schoolboy in England should have a football, some sort of games console, and a Warhammer box under the bed”. I never got into console gaming and I prefer sports where you get to stab people, but I did end up with a Warhammer box or two. Or more. Most of the lads got bored by the end of the year. I didn’t.

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