Shadows of Brimstone aka WTF is Kickstarter?


downloadKickstarter, what in the world of fuck is that then? Its taken me about 18 months to get my head around what the deal is here. Its dragons den with no dragons and absolutely no fucking quality control, you give someone some of your money, and they might think about doing something worthwhile with it, and send you a bit of it, or they might just spunk it up the wall on cocaine, burgers and strippers. Its a lottery. So why the fuck would anyone go in for it?

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Coremachine – All About Warmahordes


Warma… hordes? What are you on about, beard-face?

Warmahordes is a portmanteau, that’s what it is. It’s a way of referring to two games by Privateer Press that are set in the same world, use ninety per cent of the same rules, and are cross-compatible with one another.

Warmachine’s the older of the two by a good three years, and sits nicely in the steampunk – I’m sorry, ‘full metal fantasy’ – corner, with lots of goggles, firearms and big stompy robots. There are elements of that in Hordes, the junior game, but Hordes has more big stompy monsters and shirtless barbarians and mysterious druids in amongst its trolls with rifles and cyborg pig-monsters. They’re kind of opposite sides of the same coin, that coin being the Iron Kingdoms, which is the D&D setting Privateer Press was originally set up to distribute.

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PuppetsWar: Barghest Fiends review

PuppetsWar are for some a company that will need no introduction. Which is good because outside of being based out of Warsaw, Poland and knocking around since early 2010 they give little away on their website and simply let their product do the talking. No frills, just “this is what we do”.

For those not familiar you’ll find the usual fair of GW compatible weapons and accessories through to alternate troops, bikes and tanks with thinly disguised names that will crack a smile, including shoulder pads for “Planet Devourers” and Emperors “Demon’s Children” or a certain flyer named “Thunder Crow”. I’ve certainly been tempted to pick up some bits to make a start on some Thousand Sons, but it’s one of their recent releases that tempted me to take the plunge.

May I present the Barghest Fiends:

Puppetswar teaser

Pure evil stalking from the gloom

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Ill Blood – A Warhammer Fantasy Tournament


Corehammer presents: Ill Blood, our first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament on Saturday 22nd February at Dark Sphere, London.

Tickets are £10 for 3 games of no comp 2400pt Warhammer Fantasy Battle, strictly limited to 24 players using the 20-0 & swiss scoring system. Prizes for: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, best presented army, best sports and wooden spoon. Each player votes for best game, each vote a player receives will be rewarded with 2 tournament points per vote (to a maximum of 6 points).

Tickets available from our store.

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