Corehammer Armies: Tony Maher’s Death Guard & Ork Kill Team

DG groupWe are kicking off a new series of occasional articles featuring the armies belonging to the many headed hydra that is Corehammer. Over the coming months I’ll be asking various members of our motley crew to talk us through some of their ongoing projects and answer a few questions regarding technique, method and inspiration. First upon the Inquisitors rack is Tony Maher talking us through his Death Guard army and Ork Kill Team. Tony is stoic a Northern lad, exiled to the ninth circle of Croydon and is the Author of Miasma Of Pestilence blog, curry enthusiast, disciple of Nurgle and sporadic contributer to this website. Continue reading

A Song Of Ice and Fire – Micro Art Studio Bases


Pentti Sammallahti, Solovki,
White Sea, Russia, 1992/ White Sea, Vostroya, M41


2014 sees the beginning of a new army for me, an entirely new army I’ve never had a crack at before, one that will push my limits in both painting and modelling.

I’ll be doing Vostroyan First Born Infantry, Vostroyan Armoured, and Imperial Navy Airborne sections of an Imperial Guard army, all correctly organised. To add an extra dimension and longevity, I’ve not decided on the regiments yet, but they’ll all have nicknames, along the lines of the Vostroyan 9th the Old Irascibles, and all the vehicles will be named and have the correct numbers and decals on them. This will be a true labour of love.

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REVELATIONS – Fields of the Nephilim & The Mission (Brixton Academy)


Six years of being a) broke and b) the sort of wazzock who’ll spend his spare money on toy soldiers despite a) have taken their toll: my beard and I haven’t been near a ‘proper gig’ that you have to pay money to get into since 2007, despite living just down the road from Manchester Academy for a year. This year, though… this year Fields of the Nephilim were playing half an hour’s Tube-and-walk from me in Brixton, within two weeks of my birthday, and the usual objections drifted away like Homepride on the breeze. The only downside, I thought, was that I’d have to sit through a Mission set…
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The Long War, Painted Models V Unpainted.

Picture if you will the scene, me and John are setting up our, admittedly very purple, armies on a nicely laid out table at our local gaming centre. Its shaping up to be a fun, cinematic experience with some cool scenery, painted models and good laughs.


Tabled, John lost 0 units either thanks to my cursed dice skills.

Setting up next to us is a kid with a Forgeworld army of bare half built resin models, his opponent rocks up and unloads a pile of space marines that have been sprayed with some sort of red car paint, bases and all, as well as a storm raven. I say a storm raven, but this is 3/4 of a Storm Raven, there’s no doors, no weapons, its essentially an empty shell again sprayed in red car paint.

I was almost sick in my mouth.

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Bands Of The Week – Guidance, High Card & No Excuse

969735_445434728880873_539429673_nRight it’s the last day of the year and I’ve slacked off all through December with the BOTW articles, so this is going to be something of a clusterfuck. Moving into 2014 we’re going to change up the way in which we cover bands and music, rather than throwing up a brief overview of a new band each week we’ll be changing it to Band Of the Month. Each band will get a more thorough write up and a small interview to accompany the article. We’ll also be increasing the amount of reviews now so if you’ve owt you want us to look at drop us an email and we’ll give an honest review. We count knowledgable enthusiasts of most aspects of hardcore/punk/metal amongst our number, so you can be assured there will be someone with a clue assigned to each review. No funk metal though and no fucking grime or dubstep. Not Ever.

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