Oath Of Moment: Fenris Youth Arise

The Rout: Work In progress

Work In progress

My commitment to the Oath Of Moment challenge we alluded to the other week is something of a cop out I’m afraid. With The Dark Throne Tournament now only a month away I’m using this part of the challenge as a motivation to get my first 1000 points of 13th Company Space Wolves finished. Now this is the first army I’ve EVER painted. Sure I dabbled with Bloodbowl figures and the ocassional plastic dwarf when I was a kid but this is a whole challenge in itself. I’m a fluff guy primarily, I possess a creative and curious mind. I’ll happily sit and bullshit with you all day about twin tailed comets actually being Thunderhawks, the politics of heresy in the 30K universe, lost Primarchs and all of that caper, but when it comes to practical application of actual brush to model… ehhhhhh not such a natural fit for me. Continue reading

Gamechangers: Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine


Beware if your name is Phillip Scholfield!

I was initially going to do my game changer article on the seminal album by The Clash, London Calling, the album on which they found their stride, but sadly never bettered. London calling has been on constant rotation throughout my life since the day it arrived from one of those music mail order catalogues we had in the back of Q magazine before the internet, if you can remember that far back? Continue reading

Kickstart My Heart – Across The Dead Earth

Just a little heads up, there’s a Kickstarter for a skirmish game from one of the dudes on the CH Facebook group that’s entering its final week of pledges. It’s already met the initial target, and 1st stretch goal, so it’s full steam ahead, but this is your chance to get involved, as we’re supporters of all things DIY, and dudes getting things done Continue reading

Cryptic Visions

Angryblue, good with the birds.

Angryblue, good with the birds.

Since a very early age I’ve loved two things: to read and to draw. I was brought up on a lot of mythology and legends and that fed into a love of fantasy fiction, which in turn led to a love of fantasy art. I’d spend hours looking at books about Frazetta or Brom, and at school and college I decided it would be entertaining to take double art. It was a complete waste of time, other than for a few moments we’d touch on stuff like early renaissance religious pieces, and woodcut artists like Gustav Dore, in art history.  Continue reading