Three Unforgivable Curses: Beroth, Outrage, Ithaca

a0696476028_10Once again we’ve been slacking on the Core coverage so I figured we should do a bit of housekeeping and do a two part round up of the stuff we’ve kindly been sent for review. Most of us have been somewhat preoccupied of late, getting armies ready for Dark Throne (full report coming soon), working on the forthcoming CH fanzine and numerous other projects. Anyway enough excuses , lets get down to business.
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The Ritual by Adam Nevill


I’m going to have to split this article in to two parts to do this book justice, its a rare book that leaves me feeling cheated, even annoyed, but this managed to do it with aplomb.

You can go read the blurb on Amazon or the writer, Adam Nevill’s own blog, there’s little point in my going in to any depth here. 4 blokes go on a walking holiday in Sweden, get lost, end up in a forest, bad shit happens. Continue reading

Oath of Moment Painting Challenge: Death Dies Hard

I’m not normally a man who has dead lead lying around the place. If I haven’t bothered to paint something, chances are I haven’t bothered to play something, and if I haven’t bothered to play something, chances are I’ve sold it on for something I do want to play. Thing is, every now and then, I score a bargain, like this Imperial shitload of Cryx, to which I just can’t say no.

Whole lotta zombies.

Of course, I do have to paint the damn stuff, and considering how much I pissed and moaned about painting up a dozen Retribution infantry at a time, there could be something of an issue here: which is why, not putting too fine a point on it, I intend to cheat like buggery.

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Rosemary & Co. paint brushes


I’d usually begin an article with a preamble, setting the scene, leading the reader in, but this time, I’m not going to.

Having been using the 33 series of brushes from Rosemary & Co for some time, I am absolutely blown away with the quality of the brushes and the service received from the company itself.

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Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Shamutanti Hills – Android review

2Our app guy Robb Edge pops his CH cherry with this review of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery series for iPhone and Android. Cheers, Nate

Whilst on the lookout for something new to distract me on the tube, I came across a freshly released Android app, Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! I’d been a big fan of Choose Your Own Adventure stories and had a few Fighting Fantasy books when I was a youngster, but I’d never heard of the Sorcery! series. At three quid, I figured it’d be worth investigating. Continue reading

Road To South Coast GT 2014 – Part 3

Gaz's full army

Gaz’s Vampire Counts

The SCGT 2014 is finally here, and just before we set off on our road trip to the South coast, I thought I would share some pictures of our completed armies, now they are ready for the tournament. First up is Gaz’s amazing looking Vampire Counts army that he has painted in under a months time just to get it sorted for the weekend’s festivities. Massive props go to Gaz for the amount of hobby time he has managed to squeeze in to get this army looking Fresh-ly dead, and ready to roll on such a tight time schedule. Enjoy!

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Blistered – Soul Erosion EP

PrintI’ll be the first to admit we’ve been really slack on the music coverage this year and frankly there’s not been much that’s really inspired me enough to commit opinion to page. That all changed however when Blistered’s new Soul Erosion EP on 6131 records unexpectedly landed in my inbox and proceded to kick my back doors in. Continue reading

Corehammer Single Figure Challenge

IMAG0877[1]Here at Corehammer we are all great believers in striving to push ourselves and our hobby abilities forward, both as a group and as individuals. Within our circle we have a small number of very talented painters whilst the majority of us hover around the ‘tabletop standard’ mark. In order to push our skills we’re kicking off the monthly Single Figure Challenge (it does have another name but I realise that not everyone is as au fait with Street Level vernacular as us!)  alongside the Oath Of Moment challenge we detailed earlier. Rather than smashing through a load of troops like the Oath Of Moment however, the Single Figure challenge focuses on developing ones painting and modelling skills and throwing a lot more technique at a miniature than you might do for your normal army standard. Hopefully we’ll all raise our game a little and learn new techniques as a result of the positive peer pressure. Once again this challenge is open to anyone who wishes to particpate, just drop us a line and get on board! Continue reading

The Road To SCGT 2014 – Part 2


Road to south coast

 In this post I run through some details about the tournament pack, list composition and my army preparation for the event. I am currently leading the arms race against Gaz who still has 40+ skeletons to paint before he heads down south next week when he finally learn how REAL men play Warhammer. Enjoy.

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