Oath Of Moment: For The Khan


Prior to entering the Dark Throne tournament, I’d not played 6th edition at all. Up until a few weeks before the tournament I was confident that I would end up dropping out, but I had a few practice games with Pete and it gave me that little boost I needed. Although I came 26th out of 34, it shook something up in me, and made me want to play more, and finish my army.

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Workbench Organisation Part 2 – Storage & Wargame Mods


To be fair, I can’t see this rack being that good for the storage of small bottles of acrylic paint either, though you might be in luck if you want Daemonette Hide of Slaanesh Grey.

Right, step two, putting all those nicely filled dropper bottles in to something to keep them organised.  But what?! The issue was I didn’t want something that stacked horizontally over levels like my previous one. It was great, but space is a premium here, and going from one to another was absolutely pointless. So, what options are out there?

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Game Changers: Stone Roses

So its September 1989. I ‘m a white kid from Salford, who thinks he’s a black kid from New York. On my walkman is “Three Feet High and Rising” by De La Soul. On my feet are Cobra Troop. Around my neck are African Nation and CND leather badges on shoe laces. I look like a white Mooky from Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”. I have never understood modern guitar music. I like The Who and early Rolling Stones because my Dad was into ’em. He had played trumpet in a soul band from Salford called “Michael’s Angel’s” in the mid ’60’s, so he always listened to a lot of Motown era music, and hip hop had seemed to make sense to this white boy. I went round to my mate Andy Stanley’s house one night after school. He had an older brother who he shared a room with. We would read his “magazines” and we would listen to his records when he was out. So this one night, Andy goes “Hey listen to this, our kid has been playing it non stop and its fucking mint”. I’m thinking “Sweet! New TRIBE Called Quest maybe??”

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Coremachine – Onward Into Battle

What? You want your Warmachine Correspondent to do some actual Corresponding about Warmachine? All right, fine, get off my case… So, last time, I rambled on in some effort to introduce Warmachine and Hordes to the Corehammer crew and anyone else who happened to be reading, and promised a walkthrough of a sample turn. Thing is, the shortest walkthrough I could come up with was over two thousand words long and about as interesting as Rimmer’s Risk story, so in an effort not to bore your bollocks off I’ve made some videos instead.

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An Interview with John Keys


JK - Misc1

John Keys is fast becoming one of the most recognised painters in the UK. A quick look at his Putty & Paint page shows some extremely high standard work, with a style focussing on extremely natural looking, atmospheric, and somewhat bleak dioramas. I met John about a year back at a Weekend Workshop painting weekend. We hit it off straight away, and I was struck by the standard of his work, which seemed a good few notches above most of the other painters there, myself included. So, being the parasite that I am, I latched on to him, and have yet to let him free from my grasp. Over the last 12 months the work John has chosen to share on forums such as WAMP and Platoon Britannica has shown considerable improvements from the already high standard I witnessed last year. As the level of his work continues to move forwards, his name starts to reach further and further afield.

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Workbench Organisation Part 1 – Dropper Bottles


The rack. Obviously this one would be absolutely rubbish for storing paint, apart from blood red I suppose. Maybe some bits of bleached bone ….

As your paint collection grows, space becomes a premium, I’m sure a lot of readers will have found this, especially when concerning those chubby little Citadel pots. I’d previously been using a stacking system from www.hobbyzone.pl and a fine paint rack it is. Solid laser-cut MDF, you can read Tony’s review of it here.

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Dark Eldar – Surviving the Game in 7th Edition

I need to begin with a preface, I’ve not yet managed to get any games in with 7th ed, and only read through the new rules once. This isn’t a intended as review, or detailed breakdown of old vs new, isn’t a soapbox from which to espouse “the sky is falling” or bemoan the nerf-bat. Instead, this is just musing on the changes that jumped out as having an immediate affect on how I play evil space elves on the tabletop.

So, what jumped out?

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Space Wolves Oath Of Moment Part 2: Feral Love


The Doomed 13th muster for war

‘When the sorrow is all gone it is buried in the sun
When the wolves howl their song and the whole earth is done
When the wolves howl their song and the wind still carries on’

So picking up the thread from my last Oath Of Moment entry, did I make it to Dark Throne with a fully painted Space Wolf army? Well I certainly didn’t have any bare plastic on the table (which ultimately was the point I guess) but embarrassingly I had to cut a few corners to get there. Here’s how it went down:
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The Twelve Elements of War: Kickstarter Hype

12 Elements KS

 Kickstarter is pretty much the defined path these days to get your shit out there. So what makes The Twelve Elements of War any different from any other game out there? It’s based in a Fantasy setting, it’s got Dwarves, Halflings, Trolls, Elves, so nothing new there then. It’s got leather clad warrior women with their….no its got leather clad warrior women who look like they’re going to kick the shit out of you. So that’s one stereotype disposed of then. So all the factions are split into races then, right? Nah mate, it’s all about guilds and clandestine groups, we’re talking fantasy Special Ops here, or at the very least the Dirty Dozen. Oh and if there’s any doubts about the models, check out the Faun.

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