MiniWarGaming – Online Battle Reports


Learning the rules for 40K but only getting in a game every few weeks, makes for very slow progress, so assistance was needed, as the 4th circle of hell that’s a GW retail store was out of the question. White Dwarf battle reports are not what they used to be, and GW have no real online presence, aside from the new painting guides, so where is a functional gamer going to observe some games? God bless the internet.

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Forge World Fellblade Assembly & Associated Problems


Fairly sure the Mechanicum don’t have the same problems you and I are going to have building these things.

I wasn’t going to do this article, but to be fair, having scoured the internet for help when I began this project, there was absolutely nothing of any help bar this one post, which to be fair, helped me out so cheers to the guy who wrote it. You can find it here for reference. The project in question was to build and paint an Emperor’s Children Fellblade. Something no one bar Forge World have done, or at least, posted on-line about it it seems. There’s a few weird conversions using Baneblades, but to be fair, given the £160 price tag, I can see why people might swerve the kit. Having built one, I can also see why people might swerve it, as it was less a kit, more a prolonged exercise in problem solving. Hence this article, to help you along the way if you do decide to go down the route of a Forge World super heavy.

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Show Me How The Gods Chill – New Cold World Record full stream

cold-worldAlong with Down To Nothing, Cold World are probably responsible for one of the highest injury counts amongst the whole of the Corehammer Crew (and taking up an inordinate amount of OC’s wardrobe space). Furthermore, Dan Mills dreams of one day having a Space Marine army that is all black, with just red eyes. Vice have got a grip of their new record and are streaming it in full over on their site.

When ‘Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First’ was released, I grabbed it pretty quick. A weird, kind of trippy record with nods to a whole host of music and roots placed firmly in the nineties, all underpinned with some of the hardest mosh parts you will hear. This record carries on from that and pushes the boundaries even further (including an appearance from the legend that is Kool G. Rap on Hell’s Direction). When it comes to hardcore, I tend to like where the boundaries are: sound like Side By Side or fuck off. Cold World are one of the few exceptions. This record rips. It’s hard, it’s well thought out, it makes me want to stomp around in power armour. Check it out on the link above.


More Than Meets The Eye: An Interview With Eddie Crooks

star was dealing

Eddie Crooks: No Joke

As part of our expanding coverage of the hobby, we thought it might be fun to occasionally shine a light on other aspects of fandom that we are interested in, beyond the usual Corehammer parameters. With that in mind, let me introduce to you Eddie Crooks, an English coreman now residing in Scandinavia. Via mutual follows on Instagram of all places, I became aware of Eddie’s interests and encyclopaedic knowledge in the realm of vintage toy collecting, something I have dabbled in sporadically over the years. Eddie also runs Droid Rage online fanzine and Utter Garbage, a dedicated Garbage Pail Kids fanzine. Here’s what he had to say: Continue reading

The Empire Strikes Back – a buyers guide to X-Wing


Baron Soontir Fel

Nestled in the Brak Sector, the Aramand Cluster, operatives Ors & Katarn rendezvous with their smuggler escort, Roark Garnet. The three ship convoy skirts around the edges of inhabited space, bringing the the encrypted data codes stolen from the Imperial Holonet. On entering the planet Orma’s orbit, scanners start to pick up a lone ship.

Within minutes, the trio of ships have a visual, enhancing with their com systems, they identify the squad markings on the sleek, fast craft, with this many kill markings, it could only be one man. The journey seemed almost too easy, now stuck in the gravity well of Orma and its moons, the operatives detect 2 more vessels approaching from the solar glare of the nearest star, a Lambda Class Shuttle fitted with heavy weaponry and the formidable Firespray patrol craft. As the net closes, the Rebels know they must fight or be caught in Baron Fel’s trap …

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Jagged Visions Part 3: Souls At Zero… The Art Of Simon Bisley


 ‘all structures collapse, mysteries unfold
borne from the skies in these times of grace’


Whilst John Blanche is quite rightly regarded as the undisputed master of grimdark within the Warhammer realm, there are myriad other artists working beyond that it’s narrow borders whose visual aesthetic could certainly be considered ‘grimdark’ and thus partially responsible for the ritual scarification of my adolescent mind. As an act of penance on my part if you will, to provide a cultural counterweight to my forthcoming Rob Liefeld confessional, I want to cleanse my soul by turning my attention to a master of the form. A man, much like John Blanche, whose sense of grim splatterpunk violence and gallows humour was crucial in shaping my own tastes and approach to artistic endeavour. Guys, can we just  take a minute and talk about Simon Fucking Bisley?
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Oath of Moment – Daemons of Nurgle


“The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time” – Argel Tal to Lorgar Aurelian

Some time ago, I picked up some of the plastic GW Plague Bearers and an Avatars of War model to use as a Herald (or Daemon Prince) of Nurgle as allies for my Chaos Marines in 40k. Incredibly, breaking from true Tony of Nurgle tradition, I actually painted them in a relatively short time frame. Regrettably, I only used them once or twice.
So rather than leave them as a project completed in relative folly, I decided that 7th Ed 40k was a reasonably good excuse to build a new army – mono-Nurgle Daemons.

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An interview with Byron of Element Games 


So, this interview was done a few months back for the Corehammer zine that was going to be released for the Dark Throne tournament, however the printers ended up getting a massive order in and our run would have missed the tourney, so it’s sitting on the digital shelf for now. But, as Byron was kind enough to answer our questions, it’s only fair to get this out in a somewhat timely manner.

For those that don’t know, Byron is the guy behind Element Games, a sweet indie retailer. Corehammer fully back them for their awesome customer service, quick delivery (if you get an order in early enough, it usually arrives next day) and let’s face it, they do a good discount. If you are a local to Manchester, they also have a bricks and mortar store at the North West Gaming Centre. Anway, enough of my bullshit, here’s a shit load of photos of Byron’s amazing painting & the interview.

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A New Hope – Jumping feet first into X-Wing

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 23.18.14

Pursued by the vile terrorists, the damaged Firespray banks around a cluster of asteroids, drawing an equally worse for wear YT-1300 and a barely functioning X-Wing through the centre of debris. With all 3 ships one laser shot away from a hull breach, only expert manoeuvring will save the pilots from death. The YT’s bulk a disadvantage, causing a hit to an asteroid and crippling its sensor arrays, then shots from the rear-facing lasers on the Bounty Hunter’s vessel finish off the Rebel scum’s ship.

Watching such a colossal ship light up the space before his eyes must be terrifying for even an ace pilot. Dodging the remaining asteroids, the agile X-Wing only needs to make his last shot count. The pilots eyes open wide with shock, the Firespray makes a radical change in course and the X-Wing thunders into close proximity, too close. The fatal anti-pursuit lasers making a quick death to such the hero of the Rebellion. Today Major Wes Janson and the mighty Wookie, Chewbacca have died. Death to the Rebel scum.

Long live the Emperor!

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