Raw Sorcery: An Interview with Tom Hubbard of Hang The Bastard

I have known Tom Hubbard for a few years, initially by reputation only but our paths eventually crossed when our bands at the time (Rot In Hell and Wayfarer) shared some wax and stage time together. Tom now  sings for the mighty Hang The Bastard, a monstrous doom metal monster currently crushing skulls worldwide. I was delighted to discover that Tom has a keen interest in tabletop gaming & Rpg’s and after I got a peek at his Araby project I knew we had to have a chat about the good stuff…..

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Insist – Manchester Straight Edge


Insist Pic by Nat Wood (cheers!)

Back in the mid to late 90’s Manchester was one of the key locations in the upsurge of grass roots UKHC activity. The scene, largely centered around local Salford band Area Effect and their immediate circle of friends the MYC who started churning out zines (Five Deadly Venoms, One Face etc), booking regular hardcore shows at the Star & Garter and running the No Holds Barred distro that (in those metal saturated times) made available the classic sounding hardcore that was experiencing a rebirth. Boardy is responsible for putting the Floorpunch 7” in my hand along with the infamous issue of Tension Building zine that our crew obsessed over.

Whilst Area Effect were never the most original or even competent band, the aesthetic and ethical impact they had on the local scene cannot be overstated. Hardcore shows prior to their arrival had devolved into tectonically dull affairs, lacking energy or participation beyond polite applause and a gentle swaying at the knees. it was fucking lame. Area Effect encouraged stage dives and pile on’s, head walks and sing alongs, the type of positive energy that can bring a room of strangers together in glorious celebration of simply being young, angry and out of step. Much as I hate to quote Chain Of Bullshit ‘man, those were special times, those were our times’ Continue reading

The Works Brushes. Workhorses on the Cheap


This is the workhorse of the Imperium.  Fuck all use for painting your kits though.

This is the workhorse of the Imperium. Fuck all use for painting your kits though.

This is a mini post, a stop gap after the Fellblade painting article while I figure out how the fuck I’m going to approach the weathering stages in text.

I’ve previously mentioned  Army Painter drybrushes and how good they are for purpose. Clocking in at between £3 and £5 a pop, they’re fairly sturdy brushes if you look after them.


This is what you’re looking for in the shop.

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You Are The Hero! An interview With Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green - Author
With Fighting Fantasy Fest just around the corner (Tickets for the fest are available HERE) and You Are The Hero! gnawing at its heels, I thought now would be an appropriate time to get to know the man who has brought both of these exciting projects to life. Jonathan Green is a familiar name to many of our readers having written broadly in the realms of fantasy and science fiction. He has written SEVEN Fighting Fantasy game books as well as an impressive number of novels and short stories set in the grim 40K and Warhammer backgrounds for Black Library. Jonathans highly regarded Steampunk series, Pax Britannia, continues to draw a rabid fan base and there’s even some Cthulhu short stories on the way, right on!
Big thanks to Jon for taking the time out to answer my questions and everyone look out for You Are The Hero! in the very near future. Continue reading

Fear Of the Dark(e) – The Legend Of Drizzt Audiobook Review

TLOD coverMy man Darke at Atonement Records throws in a guest review of the new D&D audiobook series, serialized as free downloads from Tor and narrated by a bizarre selection of celebrities from David Duchovny to uhhhh Ice-T??.

Despite being an unrepentant Morning Again apologist, the lad knows his way around a fantasy realm or two so he’s always welcome to spout off here. Follow the Patrick Bateman of UKHC on Twitter @Atonement666 for insightful metal talk, 80’s yuppie obsession & occasional cynicism. Over to Darke for the review then……

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All Creation Undone- Why Wayfarer?

Wayfarer/Rot In Hell Split cover by Glyn Smith

Wayfarer/Rot In Hell Split cover by Glyn Smith

Every so often amongst various groups of friends who are primarily into hardcore, or indeed any other harder/heavier genre of music, a common topic surfaces, best UK band. Now it would be really easy to think of other incredibly good current and defunct UK bands you could bring up at this point. Especially given that I only started going to hardcore shows in about ‘06/’07 twinned with the much more extensive years of experience in Corehammer Crew let alone the wider scene. I’m sure there’s hundreds of incredible relic demos stored in plastic storage boxes in attics across the country that would be incontestable contenders the title. Part of me toys with giving it to the soul swallowing Electric Wizard, the belligerent horror of Bradford’s Ironside or maybe the frenetic onslaught of Closure. But on this subject I always say that for me it’s got to be Wayfarer. This whole article maybe taken as some sycophantic super fan girls perfume stained love letter to any of the members of Wayfarer, or indeed anyone, that might read this and for that I apologise and also thank you for being that band. I’d think enough of my mates would know of my utter hatred for brown nosing.

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Battle Mats #1 – Deep Cut Studios

So many of us will have fond memories of images just like this.

It’s been a long time since bases were all painted Goblin Green and you played your games on a slice of green felt rolled out on your dining table, things have moved on. Quite a bit.

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Corehammer Armies: Dale Sibley’s 13th Company Space Wolves

Our Dark Throne tournament back in April was a pleasing experience on a number of levels, the most important of which was that it provided a meeting point for our little community to come together and socialize like functioning humans. To break bread, share a few laughs and roll some dice with like minded souls. The broad cross section of people who showed up and got down to it demonstrating some actual unity would have made Rick Ta Life’s heart swell with pride. Crusties, moshers, noobs, edgemen, thrashers, rippers and hessians all hanging out and getting along. But it wasn’t just washed up old farts in their mid 30’s playing though, oh no, the youth turned up too, including a solid crew of coremen from Chester. Dale Sibley was amongst them and despite not having it all his own way in the games (his Tau took a bit of a hiding) it was a pleasure to have him and his boys join us for the day. Dale recently posted some pictures of his 13th Company Space Wolves up on Instagram and given that I play 13th too, I figured it’d be a good opportunity to shoot him some questions to find out what he had to say for himself! Continue reading

Painting Green Crystals


A while back, a message dropped in the inbox of the Corehammer Crew email. We get requests here and there, but not too many, and this one was specific to painting, so I thought I would have a crack at it. It was from a newer gamer, who wanted to achieve a green, crystal like appearance on the Shuriken Catapults on her Eldar. We had a little back and forth where I asked her to clarify what she was hoping to achieve, and I asked for a reference point. From there I knocked up a little guide and I thought it would be worth posting up here just in case anyone else wanted to achieve a similar effect. It also isn’t too bad an introduction to the push-pull glazing technique that organisations like Miniature Mentor are keen to show off.

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Painting an Emperor’s Children Fellblade Part 1


That tank shock roll’s not gonna do you much good there son.

Following on from my last article, I thought I’d do a tutorial on how I went about painting the Fellblade. There aren’t many, if any, about for Emperor’s Children vehicles, so this might come in handy for someone painting up any kind of vehicle in 3rd Legion livery.

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