A Tale of Von Gamer: Ready To Die


We shoot without a gun,
We’ll take on anyone,
It’s really nothing new,
It’s just a thing we like to do!

You’d better get ready to die
You’d better get ready to kill
You’d better get ready to run,
’cause here we co-o-ome,
You’d better get ready to die!

2015 arcs toward us with all the subtlety of an anvil in flight (in fact, by the time this gets posted, it may well have hit us head-on), and a new year invariably means a cack-handed attempt at pledges. You know how it works. Hand on heart, we stand up and swear that this year will be different. This year we’ll stick to our budget, we’ll do the whole open-accounting thing, we’ll decide on our projects NOW and we’ll see them through the year…

… and then, like a vegetarian who smells a bacon sandwich, we come around, covered in crumbs and grease, stomach churning and yet vaguely satisfied, wondering if there’s any ketchup left after what we just did to ourselves.

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Cinema Etiquette

I used to enjoy going to the cinemas but now I feel the sense of joy I had as a child ebbing away, and feel it slowly replaced by feelings of anxiety, confusion, stress & of course my old friend – hatred. After going to see the final Hobbit movie tonight, and coming out feeling like I could set fire to my own face, and then the cinema, I thought I’d write down some basic rules to help people not act like a tit when you’re at the flicks.


Look at this model, ruining everyones fake cinema experience.

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Review : xRepentancex – The Sickness Of Eden

PromoImageWell, how about this? An Album Of The Year  2015 contender, already. 19 days into the new year. Before we’ve barely even started.

I know, I know. It’s a ridiculous thing to say, right? But have you heard this thing? Have you even heard it? It’s rare to think of a UKHC record as ‘eagerly anticipated’, but that’s certainly the case here. We’ve all been gobbling up whatever morsels this vegan-edge whirlwind of hatred throws our way, be it their marvellous debut EP In Violation Of Asa from 2013 or a handful of work-in-progress tracks that have appeared on Bandcamp since then. It’s all been excellent, and has always left us clamouring for more. Well, now it’s here. The Sickness Of Eden is xRepentancex‘s debut LP and it is a fucking belter.

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Airbrush Guide Part 1- What Compressor?


Remember when Pris spray painted her eyes? Well, she couldn’t have done it without checking out Corehammer’s guide to airbrushing first, so read on!

We’ve been asked again and again for info on airbrushing, where to start, what to buy, what you need, as it can be a minefield, and fairly daunting. Well, here it is, part one of a solid, friendly guide, presented in a manner that’s not confusing, elitist, or jargon heavy, designed to guide you through the initial steps.

Part one will give you some info on your compressor, what you’re looking for, the difference between them, which will fit your needs etc. We’ll cover the actual airbrush in part 2, and in part 3, some supplies you’ll need, what you can use to save money, and just general tips and tricks, all in one handy place.

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How to tab pin Infinity miniatures to bases

I’ve recently gotten into Infinity, it’s a game with some gorgeously sculpted models.  The problem is, plenty of these models are in poses which make their connection between feet and base so bad, it makes Strife’s “Angermeans” seem like a masterpiece.  Read on to find out my easy solution to the problem.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 20.19.33

Nomads Hellcat w/ HMG

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Star Wars Issue 1: ‘The circle is now complete’

Star-Wars-1-Hasbro-PX-Variant-f8492Although there’s still 11 months to go before The Force Awakens, the first new installment in Disneys Star Wars arrives in cinemas, there’s clearly some house keeping to be done. With the Expanded Universe established by Dark Horse comics and a plethora of novels essentially being nuked out of existance and Marvel reclaiming the licence to publish the comics, the first new official SW publication ‘under new management’ proved to be quite the event.
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Confessions Of A Teenage Fanboy – Issue 1

After an eight year hiatus I recently decided to actively start collecting comic books again.  Though I still have a significant chunk of my original collection tucked away upstairs, I had sold my collection of X-Men related books and figures about 15 years ago to fund purchase of a bed because I was sick of sleeping on the floor like a tramp. Soft, I know. Anyhow I was back in Margate over the summer with some time to kill and ended up, as I often do, in a comic book store. Rummaging through the long boxes has always been a type of therapy for me, so I hit the X-Men back issues with a vengeance, determined to start filling the gaps in my reborn collection. That’s when I saw it again. X-Force Issue 1. In polybag. With trading card. Not a rare book by any stretch, but one that stirred up some very strange feelings….
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Talk: Chris Tomlin from The Black Sun



We’re big fans of The Black Sun, the rowdiest of all the WHFB podcasts, but with sound knowledge, who love the fluff and background of the Warhammer world. After all, we were episode sponsors last year, and polluted the usual nu-metal breaks with some kerb-stomping hardcore. So, it was a no brainer when I was thinking of people to talk to about hobby, as Chris always has a lot to say, and is very passionate about WHFB. So have a read, and also check out Chris on Twitter for more of his musings

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Talk: Dave O’ War from The Dwellers Below


Warhammer podcasts have become my commuting soundtrack, despite not even playing the game for 14 years now, as they entertain me and keep me from going Falling Down on the way to work. The rowdier the better, and our Australian friends, The Dwellers Below, are good at that. Recently, they’ve upped the stakes and started dropping some sweet metal tracks in the breaks too, with the mighty Electric Wizard being the highlight. So, we got Dave O ‘War to share his thoughts with us.

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Wild in the Streets – Sid the Crusty Punk Available Now (with a Competition)

Wild in the Streets is a new miniatures game being developed by friends of Corehammer, Slow Death Games. Currently being playtested and on course to be released in 2015, Wild in the Streets is a gang based skirmish game featuring Punks, Skins, Cholos, Goths and even LARPers fighting it like The Warriors on their way back to Coney Island. It’s Necromunda crossed with a show at the Camden Underworld, you’re in right?

ki-boomboom-ki-boom.. you can just hear Sid tapping a D-Beat out on his axe.

ki-boomboom-ki-boom.. you can just hear Sid tapping a D-Beat out on his axe.

The game might still be in development now, but the first sculpt, Sid the Crusty punk has already been cast in white metal, and Slow Death have sent us a box of them to sell, which makes us their EXCLUSIVE EU DISTRIBUTOR. Cool dudes alert. They can be found on sale in the Corehammer Munitorium for just £2.50 (plus applicable postage and packaging costs).

Sid the Crusty Punk Painting Competition

Sid the Crusty is the very first sculpt they’ve made for the game, and as you can see from the comparison shot, the sculpt was based on a friend of Slow Death, with results even Discharge could “say nothing” about.

sid comparison

We thought the concept of punks painting punks was pretty meta, so to encourage it further, we are starting 2015 off with a competition for a Corehammer goodie bag. Grab a Sid miniature from the store, paint it up and send us a photo by February 14th, and the Corehammer Mournival (and Garro) will cast judgement over your offerings. Going to town on the denim jacket, tattoos and any conversions to up the punx of the model are positively encouraged. We realise it’s a bit not-crust to make you buy things to take part, but it’s the only way this could really work.

Coming Soon

In the next few weeks (and indeed months) we will be featuring more content on Wild in the Streets, including a bit more about the game itself, an interview with the people behind it, and of course the new models and the game itself when they are released.

Keep it foolish.