A Tale of Von Gamer: Meat and Metal

Necrorks by White Metal Games, used without permission...

I bleed you for one and the edge, but what more can I do?
Give in to the hunger and savour the best parts of you
Meat and metal, all must die
All but I…

In the comments to the last of these little diatribes I hinted that the imminent release of Codex: Necrons might stick a spanner in my Orky workings, and this has turned out to be true… up to a point.

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Corehammer Armies – Louise Sugden’s Snakebite Waaagh!


This gallery contains 10 photos.

It seems lately the Corehammer Facebook group has been going from strength to strength, and with it, has had a resurgence of insanely painted minis. So we thought it was time we showcased a few of the top forces again … Continue reading

Mosh To Survive

Corehammer_Black_TemplateBrothers and sisters. If you are trying to rep the true style often attributed to the classic Gee Dub appreciation hub known as auld’hammer then please step right this way and purchase this excellent garment. Illustrated in the classic old school manner, this shirt arrives pre-distressed for your convenience. As part of our authenticating process each shirt is creased up for three weeks in the fetid depths of a sweaty 14 year old tosspots PE bag before being liberally dosed with Lynx Java for that ‘Saturday Afternoon GW’ funk. Once suitably odourised each shirt is custom stained with elements of Pot Noodle, Monster Munch, ejaculate and trace fecal matter. We then employ a team of thick necked  rugger twat bully boys to stretch the collar completely out of any recognisable shape before mailing it you in a pre-used chip wrapper with CARCASS RULES crudely daubed across the front in felt tip. Because honestly, Carcass are way better than Bolt Thrower. Show me how real you are.Buy a fucking shirt.

Band Of The Month: Higher Power

10996674_334565700087986_5462945755324744908_nIt’s with some sadness that I have to announce that our our music reporter guy Gav Russell has parted company with the mighty ‘Hammer. Thanks for everything Gav, we all appreciated your contributions and best of luck with future endeavours! And it is with even greater dismay that I have to inform you all that the vacuum Gav leaves will have to be filled by yours truly for the immediate future!! So with no further ado lets get down to business because I want to introduce you to the band that made me want to resurrect our Band Of The Month feature. Say hello to Higher Power….
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‘This is the voice of MayaCast’

MayaCast LogoIf you have been listening to any Infinity pod casts over the last few years you are probably used to listening to the dulcet tones of Tom Schadle. Co-host of MayaCast and previously one of the hosts on O-12. Tom has been a big part of the Infinity community for a few years. Aside from being a big advocate for Infinity, he also happens to be an award winning painter, whose work has graced a number of companies. If you’re not aware of his work, check out his blog and his Facebook page.

Pan O modelsTom took some time to answer some half-baked questions from Corehammer, so without any further ado:

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Corehammer Armies – Mark Pearce’s Morat Aggression Force


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Continuing on with the coverage of the Corehammer Facebook group‘s armies, as well as combing the new found love (fad?) for the new edition of Infinity, this time we have Mark Pearce’s Morat Aggression Force. Hey Mark, give us a quick … Continue reading