Horus Heresy Book Review: Deathfire, by Nick Kyme

Deathfire-eBookThe book tells the tale of the XVIII Legion as they return to Nocturne with the body of their Primarch, Vulkan. Following on from the events that take place in The Unremembered Empire, Deathfire is a tragic tale, for the Salamanders have lost much, including many of their battle-brothers and the father of their legion who, for the first time, has not recovered from his wounds. It’s a harrowing journey for Artellus Numeon, former Captain of the Pyre Guard, who must lead his brothers against some of the most horrific foes the Emperor’s warriors have ever faced.”

After what feels like an eternity of novellas, anthologies, audio and eBooks, following the bombastic The Unremembered Empire and Vengeful Spirit, the Salamanders take centre stage in a full length Horus Heresy novel. No more filler, shattered legions and timeline hopping, as Nick Kyme takes up the plot on Macragge and Imperium Secundus, to give the series a much needed forward thrust.

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How to build a Land Raider Spartan Assault Tank


This is how you want your tank to look right? then put down that glue right now and read on.

You’ve just spent £100 on a Spartan Assault Tank, THE super heavy in the current 30k meta. This thing gets your moon men where they need to be, safely, quickly and packs a massive punch with 2 sets of quad linked lascannons, whilst looking absolutely baller.

I’m going to tell you now, that out of the bag, that kit cannot be built properly. I don’t care how much of a modelling magician you are, or a complete newbie, those pieces do not fit together, as a quick Google search will tell you. This kit is notorious, right across the 30k scene, for its inherent issues involving the tracks.

I’m now going to spend 10 minutes just telling you how to make them fit together perfectly, what bits you need to cut, where to file, so you don’t waste your hard earned cash, your tracks will look good if you follow this guide carefully.

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Panther Ausf G painted by Charlie Brebner – The Great Bolt Action Paint Off Winner

So when you’re best mate & Corehammer’s own Charie Brebner won a painting competition judged by Paul Sawyer (Fat Bloke!) and is featured on the Warlord site, it’s rude not to take a few sneaky pics and throw it up on Corehammer & YouTube. You can see the Warlord article here.

Gallery and video slideshow below…

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