Just what the hell is Frostgrave anyway?


Our boy Phil Millar, chief SJW, has written a  comprehensive piece on Frostgrave

Just what the hell is Frostgrave anyway?

It’s a Fantasy Skirmish Wargame, it’s also the name given to the now frozen ruins of the great city of Felstad, where a magical incident long ago left has left it empty and frozen over. The ice is thawing and so the great treasures and knowledge of the city is once more there for the taking. Most sensible people avoid the haunted ruins of Frostgrave, stalked as it is by monsters, demons and more. You, however, are not most people, you’re a wizard and wizards crave one thing above all else; power, something Frostgrave has in abundance, if you’re willing to risk it.

So, you gather your grimoires, bring your apprentice (if you have one) and hire a gang of misfits and thugs to join you in seeking out the treasures of Frostgrave. There, in packed and close confines of the city, you’ll fight off other wizards, wandering beasts roaming the city and all manner of other creatures and evils. As you fight, you’ll discover more spells and gain more power, find wondrous magic items and treasures beyond counting but that just means the stakes get higher.

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Hero Kids: Getting your kids into RPGs and gaming


At 5 years old, my boy is showing interest in the “toy soldiers that Daddy paints”, that infest the kitchen shelves. Sure, I’ve let him drybrush a few Space Marines, but beyond that, I’m loathe to ram my interests down his neck, and happy to let him choose his own adventure. However, once we started messing about with minis and rolling dice, his interest was piqued, so I thought it’d be a good idea to try out a simple RPG or board game, and take it from there.

We’ve played Snakes & Ladders and Ludo, so he understands rolling dice to move x number of squares, with 1 or 2 more if he fancies cheating. So I just needed to go with something where I can be the GM, and I can slowly introduce ability tests and problem solving. After being bombarded with a million cool suggestions on the CH Facebook group, I checked out rpgKids and Monster Slayers: The Heroes of Hesiod.  Before finally plumping for Hero Kids, as it looked cool, and has loads of expansions for extra scope

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Band Of The Week: Allfather

13413_474870599331274_322883935686994312_nHaving binned my label off, I still love to trawl Bandcamp for new music, so when Allfather bust out of the speakers I was into straight off the bat. So, why not use the blog to shout about new bands, and hear what they have to say? Have a listen, check out the little review, and read what they have to say.

What do I think of them? Basically, take the best Black Sabbath riffs, add in a crunchy metallic hardcore stomp, with a punk boot to the throat, and you’re somewhere there. A real melting pot of ideas. If you’re looking for that lazy pigeonhole, then I guess the easiest comparison to make would be Hang The Bastard, who like their peers Crowbar, easily cross the divide of metal and hardcore. Allfather wear their influences on their sleeves, they’re not re-inventing the wheel, it does what it says on the tin, but it does it really well. So head over to Bandcamp, and if you like what you hear, chuck a few quid in the pot and have one less spiced pumpkin latte or whatever bullshit people drink these days. Headbang, raise a fist or go wild and do a Bushwacker in the pit!

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Corehammer Summer 2015 Painting Challenge


So, we had another painting competition. In order to get excited about Age Of Sigmar, all things hobby, and as a reminder to all that the reason most of us regular ass mortals play these games is because FUN! The script was two categories. Coolest Single Miniature and Coolest Unit.

The winners will be decided by the OG Corehammer Mournival, but please reply & comment with your preferences. The prize package will be an Age Of Sigmar unit box of your choice along with a CH shirt, a limited edition print and whatever other junk we have lying around.

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Choosing A Legion: Iron Warriors, with Ead Brown

Squad Zushev Detail 2Here’s our second readers submission, this its the 4th Legion, with Ead’s absolutely sublime Iron Warriors. First up, can you let us know who you are?

I’m Ead, you may remember me as the Customer Service Manager (and de facto community manager) at Forge World, ​but these days I work in events management and lament the fact that my hobby stuff is in storage…

Would you consider yourself a gamer, painter or more geared toward the book aspect of the heresy?

​Currently, I’m more of a reader. But I’d say that overall I am a mix of all three – I really enjoy building and painting, I was a play tester and proof reader for Alan Bligh when I worked at Forge World​, and in general I love playing games (but apparently not so much of the winning games 😀 )


Perturabo’s tin bots take on my boy Lorgar’s lads in a scrap on the bit of wasteland behind the playing fields

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