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Kieron is a dirty rat bastard who is fond of a kitchen mosh if no one is looking. Living in London he likes to paint Skaven, chew the fat on anything hobby related and help grow his local dice rolling scene were possible.

Angelcore 2017 – An Age Of Sigmar Tournament

Introducing Corehammer’s first AOS tournament, AngelCore 2017!

We have teamed up again with local London club, Angel Wargamers, to bring you a 2 day event on the 25th to 26th November at a brand new multi-system gaming venue in East London.

This will be a 32 player 2000 point matched play tournament using GHB2017 but with added secondary objectives. This will be held at EXP Leisure on the edge of the Olympic Park, just 15 minutes walk from Stratford Station. This really is the largest gaming venue in London and has tonnes of space, great food and a full downstairs bar next to a Canal, so should be great for Saturday night.

As nerd venues goes, this place is light years away from the dodgy, cramped gaming stores that we are typically used to.

Each ticket is only £25 and gets you 5 games of 2000 points matched play AOS. In addition to this, you will have FULL ACCESS to all gaming zones at EXP for Friday evening and then all day Saturday and Sunday. There is a run-down of each zone below: Continue reading

Road To South Coast GT 2014 – Part 3

Gaz's full army

Gaz’s Vampire Counts

The SCGT 2014 is finally here, and just before we set off on our road trip to the South coast, I thought I would share some pictures of our completed armies, now they are ready for the tournament. First up is Gaz’s amazing looking Vampire Counts army that he has painted in under a months time just to get it sorted for the weekend’s festivities. Massive props go to Gaz for the amount of hobby time he has managed to squeeze in to get this army looking Fresh-ly dead, and ready to roll on such a tight time schedule. Enjoy!

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The Road To SCGT 2014 – Part 2


Road to south coast

 In this post I run through some details about the tournament pack, list composition and my army preparation for the event. I am currently leading the arms race against Gaz who still has 40+ skeletons to paint before he heads down south next week when he finally learn how REAL men play Warhammer. Enjoy.

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DIY Model Storage Solution

My storage solution..

My storage solution..

When signing up to the war gaming hobby you are going to have to face up to a few facts:

a) You WILL go overboard and spend way too much money on nicely shaped plastic/resin/metal.

b) Your new hobby WILL have an impact on your living space and those who share it with you!


Due to this at some point in your hobby existence you will want to consider storage options for your nefarious goods.  But with a large number of expensive model cases on the market is their a simpler and more cost efficient solution for the modern day wargamer?

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