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The Brotherhood Of Bang

The Brotherhood Of Bang

Last week the Corehammer Mournival very kindly gave me the week off from BOTW so that I could A) Focus upon my end of year project for University and B) Piss about with my mates at Outbreak Fest for the weekend. The Witch Hunter himself Chris Kaye held the fort and did a sterling job in my absence, introducing Nibiru who are a BIG favourite here amongst the inner circle pit, be sure to check out their new 7” on CTW, it’s a ripper.  Anyhow I’m now back in the saddle and suitably relieved/revived enough to continue telling you all about bands that you were probably already hip to long before I finally switched on and tuned in. We seem to be developing a theme here because this week I want to talk to you about ANOTHER class act from Dublin, Ireland. The mighty BANG BROS!!!

A few years back my internet pen-pal the notorious Dublin sourpuss & ‘Bro-ccultist’  co-originator Jamie Grimes suggested I check out a band from Ireland called Bang Bros. Despite not being his musical cup of Rosie Lee at all the boy Grimes was aware of my enduring fascination with formulaic, youth crew revival hardcore and I can’t thank him enough for the tip. I’d heard the name around for a bit, (yeah, I know it’s the name of a porn site too) and to be honest that’s why I swerved giving the band the time of day at all for a while. See I figured it was going to be the same kinda zany guff that bands like Jaguarz were peddling, my mistake. Bang Bros play solid as hell hardcore that moshes around in the pit somewhere between the good natured stage dive anthems  of Gorilla Biscuits and the barbed observations and jibes of Rain On The Parade. Yeah bang Bros have parts that hit harder than a bag of iron dicks and make you wanna fling yourself off a stage but at the same time they are also refreshingly aware of the inherent ridiculousness of it all. Witness the video below that they made for their track Weak from the Group Therapy 7″ , it pretty much pokes fun at every current HC cliche going.

Videos make for an amusing distraction and all but it’s on the live stage where Bang Bros really shine. Vocalist Chris Mahon is like a human pinball bouncing off the stage and around the pit with a massive shit eating grin plastered all over his face. An unrelenting ball of kinetic energy with a sharp wit and a decent set of lungs on him. He’s the ideal frontman for a band of this style in a niche which often struggles for any sense of identity beyond sensible haircuts and recycled Youth Of Today riffs. Normally I find people who are that positive and energetic to be a bloody nuisance, but despite being as different in temprament as chalk & cheese, we clicked straight away. The rest of the band are no slouches either with members of Frustration and Nibiru amongst the ranks you can be confident that these lads know their damn business. I encourage anyone reading this who simply loves the essence of hardcore punk to check out Bang Bros live at their earliest convenience and I challenge you not to come away moshed out and grinning from ear to ear. The lads are back over in Sheffield on the 12th October playing at the Broomhall Centre alongside Corehammer favourites Violent Reaction & Obstruct and Boston’s prodigal sons Mind Eraser and The Rival Mob. Don’t sleep.

Tickets are available HERE. Going to be a hell of a show!
Get Banged out HERE

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