A visitor’s guide to Manchester


For such a grubby city, it does look nice from high up.

Manchester, birthplace of the industrial revolution, a city crisscrossed by canals and Victorian architecture, still proudly demonstrating to those who know where to look, the importance of this fair city in the development of the United Kingdom. While not known today for its factories or its mills, it’s still a grand city, and if you find yourself passing through, chances are you might want to check out some of the following establishments, maybe to pick up some modelling supplies, a new comic for the journey home, or that elusive miniature you can’t get in your home town

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The End Times: Nagash

The motherfucker's back!

The motherfucker’s back!

Nagash is back, the dead are rising, daemons are popping out from Lustria to the Worlds Edge Mountains, and Chaos has spewed forth from the North to lay waste to world, both old and new. Winter is indeed coming! As the second installment of The End Times is unleashed, I thought it’s about time I did a promised brief recap of the origins, the return of the mighty ‘Gash and the apocalyptic happenings in the Warhammer world. So strap yourselves in, and prepare for some heavy duty reading, as it’s a sprawling tale

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Pesta Approaches: In Praise of Mama Nurgle

The Garden of Nurgle and Guardian, by John BlancheKieron Allender is a bad, bad man. In discourse surrounding the impending END TIMES… thing… for WFB, I happened to hint that I’d happened to consider doing a Chaos army again (as I generally do on an annual basis, presumably when the Stars are Right), and he happened to suggest a way of using the newfangled “half your points can be spent on Lord choices” mechanic and the presence of Chariots in the Chaos Core section to build a very small army. I happened to have been thinking about Nurgle and scratchbuilding/kitbashing, albeit in a 40K context. The notions… sort of… came together, and now my brain teems with notions.

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Raw Sorcery: An Interview with Tom Hubbard of Hang The Bastard

I have known Tom Hubbard for a few years, initially by reputation only but our paths eventually crossed when our bands at the time (Rot In Hell and Wayfarer) shared some wax and stage time together. Tom now  sings for the mighty Hang The Bastard, a monstrous doom metal monster currently crushing skulls worldwide. I was delighted to discover that Tom has a keen interest in tabletop gaming & Rpg’s and after I got a peek at his Araby project I knew we had to have a chat about the good stuff…..

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You Are The Hero! An interview With Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green - Author
With Fighting Fantasy Fest just around the corner (Tickets for the fest are available HERE) and You Are The Hero! gnawing at its heels, I thought now would be an appropriate time to get to know the man who has brought both of these exciting projects to life. Jonathan Green is a familiar name to many of our readers having written broadly in the realms of fantasy and science fiction. He has written SEVEN Fighting Fantasy game books as well as an impressive number of novels and short stories set in the grim 40K and Warhammer backgrounds for Black Library. Jonathans highly regarded Steampunk series, Pax Britannia, continues to draw a rabid fan base and there’s even some Cthulhu short stories on the way, right on!
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Battle Mats #1 – Deep Cut Studios

So many of us will have fond memories of images just like this.

It’s been a long time since bases were all painted Goblin Green and you played your games on a slice of green felt rolled out on your dining table, things have moved on. Quite a bit.

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MiniWarGaming – Online Battle Reports


Learning the rules for 40K but only getting in a game every few weeks, makes for very slow progress, so assistance was needed, as the 4th circle of hell that’s a GW retail store was out of the question. White Dwarf battle reports are not what they used to be, and GW have no real online presence, aside from the new painting guides, so where is a functional gamer going to observe some games? God bless the internet.

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Road To South Coast GT 2014 – Part 3

Gaz's full army

Gaz’s Vampire Counts

The SCGT 2014 is finally here, and just before we set off on our road trip to the South coast, I thought I would share some pictures of our completed armies, now they are ready for the tournament. First up is Gaz’s amazing looking Vampire Counts army that he has painted in under a months time just to get it sorted for the weekend’s festivities. Massive props go to Gaz for the amount of hobby time he has managed to squeeze in to get this army looking Fresh-ly dead, and ready to roll on such a tight time schedule. Enjoy!

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The Road To SCGT 2014 – Part 2


Road to south coast

 In this post I run through some details about the tournament pack, list composition and my army preparation for the event. I am currently leading the arms race against Gaz who still has 40+ skeletons to paint before he heads down south next week when he finally learn how REAL men play Warhammer. Enjoy.

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