Feeding Chain – Parasites


Four new songs from the South Easts Feeding Chain and once again they don’t disappoint. Feeding Chain only have two modes of function: fast and furious or slow and dirgey, an experience that’s not unlike moshing to Confront whilst wearing iron boots. Ponderous bone crunching intros drenched in ear splitting feedback crash into fast sections with pugnacious breakdowns pinched straight from the first couple of Think I Care records.

Dan’s thick necked vocals sound rather like he’s yelling with a gob full of tar in his mouth. Lyrically it’s nowt but pure disgust from a man well and truly at the end of his rope and I absolutely love it. They wrap things up with a blisteringly spot on cover of Youth Of Todays Can’t Close My Eyes and it’s all over and done with in less than eight minutes. When it comes to this type of hardcore that’s usually more than enough time to make your point a few times over.

The production is sandpaper raw which only emphasises the whole bruising experience. Feeding Chain are not breaking any new ground but thats the fucking point because who wants art when you’ve had a shit day and just want to scream yourself hoarse? If you like Negative Approach, Infest, Think I Care etc then you’ll be all over this like flies on wet shit.
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