Merch for the Merch God! Limited Edition dice, shirts and crewnecks

Merch for the Merch God!

This is the last run of this design, so get them while they are hot ( although not hot enough for the “gets hot” rule to apply).

In the spirit of all good gaming companies, we have decided to print a new and refined second edition of the Corehammer shirt. As there are no rules to update, or treasured background to retcon, we have simply changed the colour schemes available.

You can now pre-order this in two colour schemes, this is for a white shirt, with black ink and will printed on Gildan. Pre-Orders are open for two weeks, and will be sent to munitorium logistics in three to four.

Available from the Corehammer Munitorium

Not only did we do a second run of shirts, but we thought we’d do something to keep you warm in the winter months/for your next visit to the Imperial World of Valhalla. It’s not a greatcoat, but if GW won’t produce those, why should we? Classic Corvus Marine doing a mosh is now on a crewneck sweatshirt.

And finally, because we are a partly gaming blog, we thought we’d make some actual gaming accessories, the first product being a set of dice. The Corehammer dice set contains ten 16mm dice, with a Corehammer logo engraved by LASER (Str 9, ASM -6) onto the sixth side. These sets are available as black, yellow or red dice and are strictly limited to twenty sets in each colour.

Check out the Corehammer store

These are a pre-order for two weeks (so get them before time runs out) and will then have a lead time of a month, so expect them sometime in early 2014. If you order them with a shirt or crewneck, orders will be combined and sent when the dice arrive.

*these might not arrive in time for Christmas, but they are such a great present, tardiness will certainly be forgiven.

Shirt/Crew design by Adam Chandler & Dice design by Stevie Boxall.

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