Hard times in the Age Of Boredom….

Guys, we need to talk about Stevie Boxall. What has become of the former Corehammer webmaster and lapsed Warhammer tournament journeyman? Well since both our readers asked, I figured we’d shine a light on his activities beyond the tabletop…..allow me to introduce Stevie’s new squeeze. The Age Of Boredom….

I won’t pretend that I knew Let’s Play videos were a thing but after spending a few minutes scouring Youtube for comparable material, of which there is an abundance, turns out I’m the big idiot doesn’t it?

Anyway Stevie’s tossed his hat into the ring to provide dedicated play throughs of Indie and third party games for Nintendo Switch. Thankfully he’s a lot better at video games and surprisingly amusing commentary than he ever was at competitive Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I mean I once saw him get pulped by a fellow with a My Little Pony themed Dark Elf army. Imagine that!

There’s no danger of catching a  Brony beatdowns here though as Stevie talks us through his progress in games like Nine Parchments from the safe solitude of his couch.

 I don’t know shit about Nine Parchments but I do know that I used to enjoy Doom a lot when I was a bit more active with this type of gaming. Suffice to say Stevie’s series of Doom videos piqued my interest as I was more familiar with the IP than any of the other stuff he’s rattling on about. Once again the commentary is surprisingly entertaining given how exhausting the man is in real life.

If you’re a gamer and any of this appeals to you, go give Age Of Boredom a ‘follow’ on Instagram/Twitter at www.instagram.com/ageofboredom  www.twitter.com/ageofboredom  If you are on Facebook go chuck him a subscribe to stay up to date HERE. I don’t know what Stevie’s got lined up next for AOB, but my fingers are crossed for comprehensive play through videos of Double Dragon and Target:Renegade.