Corehammer Single Figure Challenge

IMAG0877[1]Here at Corehammer we are all great believers in striving to push ourselves and our hobby abilities forward, both as a group and as individuals. Within our circle we have a small number of very talented painters whilst the majority of us hover around the ‘tabletop standard’ mark. In order to push our skills we’re kicking off the monthly Single Figure Challenge (it does have another name but I realise that not everyone is as au fait with Street Level vernacular as us!)  alongside the Oath Of Moment challenge we detailed earlier. Rather than smashing through a load of troops like the Oath Of Moment however, the Single Figure challenge focuses on developing ones painting and modelling skills and throwing a lot more technique at a miniature than you might do for your normal army standard. Hopefully we’ll all raise our game a little and learn new techniques as a result of the positive peer pressure. Once again this challenge is open to anyone who wishes to particpate, just drop us a line and get on board! Continue reading

Oath Of Moment: Fenris Youth Arise

The Rout: Work In progress

Work In progress

My commitment to the Oath Of Moment challenge we alluded to the other week is something of a cop out I’m afraid. With The Dark Throne Tournament now only a month away I’m using this part of the challenge as a motivation to get my first 1000 points of 13th Company Space Wolves finished. Now this is the first army I’ve EVER painted. Sure I dabbled with Bloodbowl figures and the ocassional plastic dwarf when I was a kid but this is a whole challenge in itself. I’m a fluff guy primarily, I possess a creative and curious mind. I’ll happily sit and bullshit with you all day about twin tailed comets actually being Thunderhawks, the politics of heresy in the 30K universe, lost Primarchs and all of that caper, but when it comes to practical application of actual brush to model… ehhhhhh not such a natural fit for me. Continue reading