Confessions Of A Teenage Fanboy – Issue 1

After an eight year hiatus I recently decided to actively start collecting comic books again.  Though I still have a significant chunk of my original collection tucked away upstairs, I had sold my collection of X-Men related books and figures about 15 years ago to fund purchase of a bed because I was sick of sleeping on the floor like a tramp. Soft, I know. Anyhow I was back in Margate over the summer with some time to kill and ended up, as I often do, in a comic book store. Rummaging through the long boxes has always been a type of therapy for me, so I hit the X-Men back issues with a vengeance, determined to start filling the gaps in my reborn collection. That’s when I saw it again. X-Force Issue 1. In polybag. With trading card. Not a rare book by any stretch, but one that stirred up some very strange feelings….
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