Marked For Justice….Welcome To The Suck

Look, I’ll be honest; I’m of that age now where new things upset me. The world is hurtling closer to oblivion with every passing day. Society seems hellbound on regressing to the fifties and devouring itself. Plus, I have to get up to go for a wee in the night a lot more frequently than I used to. We are truly living in the Age Of Quarrel, friends.

Somewhat inevitably then, I find myself looking to the past for comfort. I look to the things that once gave me succor and joy, reflecting upon a simpler time when it seemed like everything was awesome (it wasn’t, I know). A halcyon era where I spent my days thrashing around on a Rayleigh Grifter, listening to Appetite For Destruction at ear-splitting volume on my Walkman, then skulking back to my sanctum sanctorum to get wasted on contraband beers and watch terrible, terrible action/kung fu/horror movies.

Marked For Justice is a celebration of that old toss. A retroview movie series that recognises VHS as that most insidious of babysitters, and the humble Video Shop as the sacred crucible in which delinquent fever dreams were born.

I have assembled a crack team of cinematic reprobates, toxic scholars and scumbags to join me in dismantling the VHS Vomit of our collective delinquent youth. Are you jonesing for 90’s monster movies with pithy one liners and piss poor CGI? Perhaps you always bet on the black? Well Sophie Elisabeth has got you covered.

Do you love mondo cinema and street trash? Maybe you don’t go to  sleep for weeks at a time? Then rest assured friends that  Swoz is your Huckleberry.

Remember that time you broke into a derelict house in Seattle, turned the lounge into a karate dungeon and summoned the ghost of Bruce Lee to teach you how to beat everyones fucking ass in the final reel?  No?  Well then I guess Yours Truly will be your guide through poorly lit, abandoned car parks and grubby dojos as we explore my specialist subject.. 80’s/90’s action flicks.

We’ll have some guesties too drawn from the ranks of the Corehammer regulars. Boardy’s got that B-Movie Ninja shit on lock and my man Jay Rollins of Richmond VA is here to spit his piss and vinegar all over your best shoes.  I’ve got a couple of seasonal spectaculars lined up, theme weeks. Loads of shit. It’s gonna be fun you guys.

If you once nursed an adolescent boner over China O’ Brien or you know your Gary Daniels from your Olivier Gruner, your Golden Harvest from your Shaw Brothers, and your Robot Jox from your Robocop’s – then Marked For Justice is all for you……Damien.

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