Opening Shots

Hello and welcome to the Corehammer Wargamer-Punk Collective.

Corehammer has existed as an invite only email group for some time now, with the aim of bringing together good dudes who share a passion for wargaming, roleplaying, sci-fi / Fantasy, as well as hardcore and punk music.

Our intentions are simple. To bring our shit talking out in the open and to engage with each other, and other like-minded folk in a more public format.

We have big plans in the works, but are starting small to see if it works before we start moving forward. While none of the writers of Corehammer are under any obligation to come up with articles on-demand, you should expect to see regular updates from the varying members of the collective.

Each of us have different things that we will be bringing to the table. Considering the fact that by its nature, the Corehammer blog is split down the middle between music and gaming, you can expect to find painting articles, tactics, show reviews, record reviews, road trip articles and battle reports. But expect to find other shit too. Exercise guides, city guides, book reviews, interviews with bands, with authors, with key gaming figures, event reports, and a whole bunch of nostalgia.

This blog isn’t about a scene or a community, its about a group of dudes within that scene, within that community; and as a result of that, we make no apologies for the more personal slant that the Corehammer project will sometimes take. If you don’t care for our take on hardcore and gaming, then don’t sweat it mate, we couldn’t give a fuck about your views either, so I guess we’re all on an even keel aren’t we?

The collective age of those involved in this project comes to well over 200 years. We have jobs, kids, wives, girlfriends, mortgages, responsibilities, yet here we are, still rolling dice, still Out Of Step. If you’ve read this far, you might as well stick around. Whatever you typed in to Google to get to us means it’s very unlikely you have better things to do…

Welcome to Corehammer.

8 thoughts on “Opening Shots

    • How do mate.

      Really glad you’re liking it so far. We have a lot planned and some cool shit going up tonight. We’re still in our infancy (I think the blog has been going for almost a week now!) Once we’ve found our feet we will definitely be thinking about opening it up to guest contributors and stuff so watch this space bro!


  1. Found this blog through the Black Sun podcast and from what i’ve read so far its great. Loving the T-shirt too, so im gonna grab one of them tonight before the cut off!

    Keep it up boys!

    • Glad you are into it dude. Yeah we were hoping that people down with TBS would be into our banter and posts. Cheers for dropping a sweet comment, it’s great to know you came from TBS as well.

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  4. Hi there, Paul turned me onto this site, and I’m already hooked onto the articles. I love h/c and other extreme music, but my love of GW fluff has never gone away, and I have fond memories of Blood Bowl tournaments,

    • Glad you dig our style mate, load of us are starting warhammer fantasy together at the same level of knowing zero rules so if you wanna get back in to it, now could be your time!

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