Scum & Villainy: Introducing Javier Van Huss

unnamedOne of the mixed blessings of growing up in the hardcore scene is the myriad network of contacts that one builds by simply showing up and being involved. To the eyes of the outside world it may seem strange to connect with people from all over the world based upon shared enthusiasm for agressive music, jumping off of stages and embracing the type of values that are still considered out of step with the squares, but it is what it is. Discontent seeks out it’s own.

One such individual is Javier Van Huss. I had been aware of Jav for a long time before we started talking simply because I liked some of his former bands and I soon realised that we shared mutual appreciatons for the works of Bloodlet, Integrity folklore and pissing people off.

A former member of California hardcore bands 18 Visions, Enewetak, Throwdown and The Mistake, Jav did a brief stint in Poison The Well  as well as being a raconteur, promoter and a damn fine cutter of hair.  Following my departure from Rot In Hell, Jav made an effort to stay in touch which I appreciated although I had no idea at the time that he was following the development of Corehammer. A few weeks ago the following article dropped into my inbox.  Thanks to Jav for reaching out and sharing his thoughts, I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear from him!  You can follow his musings on twitter @javjavjav and instagram @alloverthistown and for awesome old West Coast Hardcore stuff, Disembodied worship and Morrissey fandom, go check out ALL OVER THIS TOWN

When I was around 11 years old I discovered punk rock from two outlets. Thrasher Magazine and a local cable channel that had a show that aired punk videos. That same year we moved to Orange County, California and from there it was, well I wouldn’t say “easy” to find punk things but it was there. Skater friends started passing me cassettes, then flyers, then I started being able to go to gigs and record stores. We read about new bands and scenes and we scoured the thank you lists looking for other cool bands to check out.
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Hobby goals for 2015

Now that's what I call a Pile Of Shame™

Now that’s what I call a Pile Of Shame™

At the start of the year, we all make ambitious plans for multiple armies and to check out all the new hot games, but no plan survives contact with the enemy. Real life, work, family, stress, can’t be arsed, you name it, there’s always a hobby killer. So, without berating the crew for what they didn’t do in 2014, let’s see what plans we have.

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A visitor’s guide to Manchester


For such a grubby city, it does look nice from high up.

Manchester, birthplace of the industrial revolution, a city crisscrossed by canals and Victorian architecture, still proudly demonstrating to those who know where to look, the importance of this fair city in the development of the United Kingdom. While not known today for its factories or its mills, it’s still a grand city, and if you find yourself passing through, chances are you might want to check out some of the following establishments, maybe to pick up some modelling supplies, a new comic for the journey home, or that elusive miniature you can’t get in your home town

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Battle Mats #1 – Deep Cut Studios

So many of us will have fond memories of images just like this.

It’s been a long time since bases were all painted Goblin Green and you played your games on a slice of green felt rolled out on your dining table, things have moved on. Quite a bit.

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MiniWarGaming – Online Battle Reports


Learning the rules for 40K but only getting in a game every few weeks, makes for very slow progress, so assistance was needed, as the 4th circle of hell that’s a GW retail store was out of the question. White Dwarf battle reports are not what they used to be, and GW have no real online presence, aside from the new painting guides, so where is a functional gamer going to observe some games? God bless the internet.

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The Empire Strikes Back – a buyers guide to X-Wing


Baron Soontir Fel

Nestled in the Brak Sector, the Aramand Cluster, operatives Ors & Katarn rendezvous with their smuggler escort, Roark Garnet. The three ship convoy skirts around the edges of inhabited space, bringing the the encrypted data codes stolen from the Imperial Holonet. On entering the planet Orma’s orbit, scanners start to pick up a lone ship.

Within minutes, the trio of ships have a visual, enhancing with their com systems, they identify the squad markings on the sleek, fast craft, with this many kill markings, it could only be one man. The journey seemed almost too easy, now stuck in the gravity well of Orma and its moons, the operatives detect 2 more vessels approaching from the solar glare of the nearest star, a Lambda Class Shuttle fitted with heavy weaponry and the formidable Firespray patrol craft. As the net closes, the Rebels know they must fight or be caught in Baron Fel’s trap …

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A New Hope – Jumping feet first into X-Wing

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 23.18.14

Pursued by the vile terrorists, the damaged Firespray banks around a cluster of asteroids, drawing an equally worse for wear YT-1300 and a barely functioning X-Wing through the centre of debris. With all 3 ships one laser shot away from a hull breach, only expert manoeuvring will save the pilots from death. The YT’s bulk a disadvantage, causing a hit to an asteroid and crippling its sensor arrays, then shots from the rear-facing lasers on the Bounty Hunter’s vessel finish off the Rebel scum’s ship.

Watching such a colossal ship light up the space before his eyes must be terrifying for even an ace pilot. Dodging the remaining asteroids, the agile X-Wing only needs to make his last shot count. The pilots eyes open wide with shock, the Firespray makes a radical change in course and the X-Wing thunders into close proximity, too close. The fatal anti-pursuit lasers making a quick death to such the hero of the Rebellion. Today Major Wes Janson and the mighty Wookie, Chewbacca have died. Death to the Rebel scum.

Long live the Emperor!

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