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It ain’t easy starting a new chapter after the last band you were in enjoyed some success and caused a bit of a fuss, such is the case with South Wales crossover oiks Forsaken. With at least one member having cut their teeth in the short lived (but nigh on perfect) NYHC inspired Wardogs, the pressure to ensure you DON’T deliver a turkey must have weighed pretty heavily on those narrow shoulders and after a so-so demo and some average live shows I thought that’d probably be the case with these lads, thanks for playing have a nice life etc.

Turns out I was talking out of my arse, because this 4 song debut 7″ could well be my record of the year. Opening with a sample from Conan is always gonna grab the interest of the Corehammer Crew but I was not prepared for the toxic brew that came spilling out of my speakers like that gross shit that ruins Emil’s day in Robocop. I’m not even really a metal guy, but I swear this is record so good it’s actually absurd.
Can we talk about riffs first please mate? Because Forsaken has all of them, HARD HARD HARD stomping mid pace metal crunch like Merauder had on Master Killer before Forsaken snorted all the whiz and slam into early Slayer/early Metallica fast parts that had my ancient swede banging like a madman. Comparison? Lets talk about NYHC/Crossover style like the mid 80’s period Agnostic Front albums with a vocal style that could be a straight bite of Dave Boots from Fire & Ice. In fact, Fire & Ice or maybe Power Trip are whom they sound most akin to in modern terms. Did we mention the absolute face melters and duelling guitar solos these kids whip out with apparent ease? No?! Well just listen to 3:16 of Sentenced Eternal and prepare to get your fucking wig smoked. There’s so much energy and bite in these songs that I cannot wait to hear them played live.
I think what surprised me most about this release was how together and complete the whole thing sounds. So many bands attempt to replicate an era or style by clumsily focusing upon ugly aesthetics or hamfisted blag riffs but Forsaken have nailed the sound and vibe they are going for with the same scholars ear that made Wardogs so legit, always remember that the devil is in the details friends. And like some kind of gaunt, bleary eyed prophet, my man Max Harper was blessed with the foresight to snap Forsaken up for his label Neutral Words, he clearly could see their potential while the rest of us were sleeping like chumps. In honour of his uncanny ability to peer into the future, I shall call him Moshtradamus from now on.

In closing I’ll say that I learned recently that Corehammer has been attracting the interest of a lot of old metal heads and thrashers from the gaming community and it’s to you veteran warhorses that I direct this: Please check out Forsaken, youngbloods showing respect for the classic sounds and doing a sight better job than many of the OG’s who should have packed it in long ago…..Honestly cannot recommend this band and the label enough. 10/10 brah


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