Pesta Approaches: In Praise of Mama Nurgle

The Garden of Nurgle and Guardian, by John BlancheKieron Allender is a bad, bad man. In discourse surrounding the impending END TIMES… thing… for WFB, I happened to hint that I’d happened to consider doing a Chaos army again (as I generally do on an annual basis, presumably when the Stars are Right), and he happened to suggest a way of using the newfangled “half your points can be spent on Lord choices” mechanic and the presence of Chariots in the Chaos Core section to build a very small army. I happened to have been thinking about Nurgle and scratchbuilding/kitbashing, albeit in a 40K context. The notions… sort of… came together, and now my brain teems with notions.

On the WFB front I’m starting with the list. As much as I like to slow-grow projects, I’m coming around to the idea that WFB doesn’t scale down too well (the spells don’t get less devastating in 500 points, for instance) and probably sits best at somewhere between 1500 and 2500 points. Being old-fashioned, I hard-line at 2000 points unless persuaded otherwise with a sharp stick or a cool thing that doesn’t quite fit, and after a few minutes looking at Kieron’s suggestions and counting on my fingers, I came up with this… series of things.

N’naatheofolakii Bowelflush Rendspine
Daemon Prince – Daemon of Nurgle – 4 magic levels – Chaos armour – Daemonic Flight – Charmed Shield, The Other Trickster’s Shard – Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder, Daemonblade – 545 points

Mmul’ablda’iriifol Mildew-wight Filthgrin
Daemon Prince – Daemon of Nurgle – 4 magic levels – Chaos armour – Skull of Katam, Enchanted Shield – Chaos Familiar – 450 points

So we have the 1+ save/shitloads of attacks/regaining wounds one, for fighting in combat, and having the magic levels just to maintain Dispelling power, and we have the channelling monster for getting some dominance in the Magic phase by asking Katam’s noggin very nicely. Models I have in mind are Raging Heroes’ Gluttony with the wings left off for Filthgrin, and this grobbly bastard from Titan Games for Bowelflush.

Äglich the Äghol
Exalted Hero – Mark of Nurgle – Battle Standard – barded Daemonic Mount – Trickster’s Helm, Seed of Rebirth – Nurgle’s Rot – 245 points

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Nurgle Chaos Lord from the GW range, and can easily envisage a ragged pennant trailing from that scythe of his. In battle he’s another 1+ save character, but his job is to disrupt combats in my favour by adding his banner bonus, murdering a few enemies with the Rot before the fight starts, and potentially shutting down an enemy character with his Helm.

Chaos Chariot 110 points

Chaos Chariot – 110 points

Chaos Chariot – 110 points

Chaos Chariot – 110 points

Chaos Chariot – 110 points

Nothing to see here. Giving them the Mark of Nurgle is an easy extension to 2500 points and the prospect of wings for both Princes and goodness knows what else. To leaven the stench of gamey twatness about these lads, I plan on scratch-building every single one; I have a crapton of balsa wood, spare bases and old metal artillery wheels lying around. Crew will be derived from a mix of Citadel Chaos Marauders and Avatars of War Corruptors of Apocalypse, with the leftover models going towards… another project.

Hellcannon – 210 points

Because the Chimera Kieron recommended looks like a bag of wank, as do the Mutalith Warpthingy and the Slaughterbrute, and even the new Warshrine; I’m glad the Warshrine isn’t the must-take it used to be as there’s no way I’m having one of those things in my collection. I’d either build one out of Nurglings and Corpse Carts and a suitably ponderous looking Nurgle Champion, or just use this big lass:

Forge World River Troll Hag

All praise Mama Nurgle indeed. Anyway, Hellcannons. They go boom and hurt people. The Citadel model’s not bad, although a spice jar and couple of jam lids and a couple of bottle tops and some balsa wood and Marauder shields and Scibor Miniatures cannon crew should also go a long way. Especially since, if I were to go mad and build this lot into a conventional army, you know, with actual units in it, a Chaos Dwarf contingent made up of Scibor chappies has a great deal of appeal, as does all the Forge World Nurgle stuff and the regular Citadel Dragon Ogres (even the Shaggoth, which I gather is slightly lacklustre in play but looks metal as fuck). Actual Chaos Warriors… eh. I like the Avatars of War footsloggers, they’ll do if I ever see fit to be boring and put some boots on the ground.

I have no idea how it’ll play. I suspect it’ll either be cannonballed off the board by turn two or be all over the enemy like the actual syphilis by turn three. Whatever happens, it’s a 2400 point army with nine ‘models’ and no wound counters on legs in it. That’ll do me.


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