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Corehammers European correspondent, John lives in Stockholm having left North West England for fields anew. Currently trying to improve his painting skills from awful to acceptable and hopefully one day getting to roll some dice in STHLM.

Visions of Treachery (Part 1)


So much death. So much tragic / brilliant death

The Seeds of Heresy are sown

There’s a reasonable chance that if you’re reading this you probably fall into one of two categories: WHFB player or WH40K player. Sure, you might also throw some dice in Privateer Press games, or Warlord games, but for the most part the big two systems are our mainstays. Which is cool: most of us would listen to Black Flag or Minor Threat more often than we’d throw on that Bl’ast record. But, for those who haven’t dabbled yet, I’d like to try and introduce WH30K – The Horus Heresy.

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