Trial by Dice – Crush the Demoniac

Has your life felt empty and worthless since last years Trial By Dice tournament? Have things not been quite the same since you last heard the ring of battle in your ears like a Celtic Frost record? Don’t worry cause the Dungeonpunx boiz have organised Trial By Dice: Crush The Demoniac on September 22nd to fill that gaping void in your  life.

If you didn’t participate in last years smash hit event then scroll down to find out how it actually works.

Last years event was SOLD OUT, so don’t put off buying tickets then message me a week before the event saying you forgot to buy them like so many of you motherfuckers did last time!

Tickets are available on the Corehammer Munitorium. We’ve compiled a FAQ to answer any questions you might have. If you have any others or something needs clarification just drop us a message on whatever social media bullshit you wish.

What the hell is Trial By Dice?

Trial By Dice is competitive Dungeons & Dragons, competitive used in the loosest sense possible as all we really care about is folk having a good day of gaming with no power play bullshit. The idea isn’t new and is already pretty popular in the US and we’re just giving it a go in our own indomitable style.

What the hell is competitive Dungeons & Dragons?

Ok, so it’s only competitive between the Dungeon Masters – each DM will get a randomly assigned group of players and they’ll only become the master of dice by making sure their table has the most fun out of all the groups. The DM has an hour at the start of the day to craft the adventure – they’ll have the choice whether they want to include the 3 key words we give out at the start of the day for those important extra points. Whilst the DM’s doing this the player’s have an hour to create their characters. There’s a catch though – in that DM can only verbally communicate 3 words to their players, any other communications will have to be via much more creative means.

How does that get decided then?

At the end of the session the players complete a questionnaire and the Dungeonpunx tally the points up. The winning DM get’s some lovely prizes care of our generous sponsors.

I’m a player and I want prizes, what’s the deal?

Don’t worry we’ll be handing out spot prizes throughout the day whenever we hear cool stuff happening in the sessions. We’ll be asking the DM’s to nominate players who were particularly creative, bold, entertaining or stupid for prizes.

What kinda swag are we looking at?

Well, we’ve got the following sponsors for event – Super7 Store, 2000ad, Mantic Games, Exalted Funeral, Slow Death Games, Mr Simon Erl. So you know it’s gonna be the good shit.

Why D&D and why 5th Edition?

We’ve got a lot of love for other RPG systems, but it worked in our first event and we figured keep things simple to use a system that’s popular, supported, readily available and relatively simple. It’s just a a rule set, you can make your setting as grim or as high fantasy as you want.

Do I have to be an expert in the rules to come and play?

To be a player – no, but at least try and get some experience of the rules before you come along even if you play against yourself. There’ll always be people to help with rules but the less time you’re asking people about rules, the more time you can be smashing undead skulls in! If you’re looking at being a DM for the day, again we don’t expect you to be an expert but you need to be confident that you can run a decent game and weave a compelling tale for approx 6 hours!

If you’re worried about creating your character, give this a watch –

Do I have to have the 5th Edition (newest) Dungeon Masters Guide or Players Handbook to come?

Yes you will – but you can either bring the book itself or just have the PDF on your phone or tablet, we’re not bothered which.

Do I need to bring anything else?

A set of dice. You can get a set of D&D dice off eBay for a few quid – it should include a D4, D6, D8, couple of D10, D12 and of course the most important dice in existence, the D20. You’ll probably want paper a pencil and some sandwiches too. Peanut butter is best.

What happens to the money from my ticket?

It goes to charity. We’ve always tried to make sure Corehammer events benefit those in need and this year will be no different. The proceeds will go to dogs4rescue in Manchester to support the amazing work they do every day. We’re also doing a good bank collection so please bring a tinned or dry good with you to contribute.

Where/when is it taking place?

We’re hosting our event at the Temple Of Boom venue in Leeds. Easily the best venue in the North of England, we’ve taken over the canteen/lounge area for the day. It’s a nice airy space that suits our needs perfectly. It’s on Sunday 22nd September, times will be confirmed upon ticket purchase but should be approximately 10am-6pm. There will be food and drink available at the venue but if you want to bring your own butties that’s fine too. TOB is approximately fifteen minutes walk from the city centre and there’s adequate parking outside if you’re driving. It’s just across the road from Patriot Games.

Who did the incredible flyer artwork

That was our close friend, Rich also known as Nerdgore. Joe did an equally amazing job last year. We love them both. @artofnerdgore and @oldwoden on Instagram respectively.

Anything else I need to remember?

Just have fun and leave your attitude at home. Neeky neckbeard bullshit is discouraged and racist, sexist or homophobic twattery will get you bounced quick smart. Be nice bruh, it aint hard.

Tickets available now at the Corehammer Munitorium.

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