Corehammer Summer 2015 Painting Challenge


So, we had another painting competition. In order to get excited about Age Of Sigmar, all things hobby, and as a reminder to all that the reason most of us regular ass mortals play these games is because FUN! The script was two categories. Coolest Single Miniature and Coolest Unit.

The winners will be decided by the OG Corehammer Mournival, but please reply & comment with your preferences. The prize package will be an Age Of Sigmar unit box of your choice along with a CH shirt, a limited edition print and whatever other junk we have lying around.

Jake Ozga –  They are pit slaves for Necromunda. Nothing is cooler than pit slaves because they have chainsaws for hands. I combined some Forge World Mechanicum parts with some Electro Priests, and tried to get a bit of a Mad Max, rusty post-apocalypse feel to them. (see more photos at Jake’s blog)

group1 group2 group3

Paul Graham – Decided to start a Nurgle army off the back of Age of Sigmar, I’ve started by working on some Nurgle dedicated units like these Blight Kings, some Plaguebearers and some Nurglings. Next on the list is a unit of Ironguts that I intend to convert to Plague Ogres by using spare parts from the Blight Kings, and hopefully trying my hand at sculpting tentacles, wounds and whatnot onto them to enhance the Nurgle look!

bk Axe Blight King

Chris Kaye – A year since I came up with the idea, I got all my Winter’s Wolves from Norsca onto square bases and magnetized movement trays, started playing 8th, and then AoS dropped. Oh well, I can use them in both games, and can give Kings Of War a try too. These are Skullcrushers of Khorne kitbashed from Thunderwolf Cavalry, Chaos Knights, Marauders of Chaos and Space Wolves


Ash Barker – Our boy from Guerrilla Miniature Games adds a unit of Ogres (Ogors?) to his Free People of Azyrheim


Richard Morgan – Here are my Skaven, the first unit I’ve painted for AoS. Been wanting to do a Skaven army for aaaages, but before I went on a hobby hiatus c. 10 years ago, I couldn’t get enthused enough about the models to make it through an entire unit of the goofy old Clanrats. These “new” (to me) ones are ace though. And it’s nice to be able to paint a manageable number of them with a view to gaming now, rather than like a billion.

Since getting back into the hobby, I’ve been trying to institute a policy of “Finished + Good Enough > Perfect but Unfinished” when it comes to painting, well, pretty much anything. Before, I always had a tendency to leave things half done and get distracted, or getting bogged down in tiny fiddly bits and losing momentum. So far it’s served me reasonably well with these guys and a couple of units of Ork Boyz I’ve done – both with a view to getting a fully-painted, playable force as quickly as possible for some small games.

The intention for these guys is to form, initially, a little Skaven warband that I’m then going to add some Nurgle lads to as well, for a bit of variety. I’m planning to try and keep the whole thing unified by using a similar colour scheme across the board, hence all the green tunics and stuff. (The obvious question is why not use Plague Monks, as they’d fit the theme better, and the answer is I plain don’t like the figures.) So the plan next is to smash out a unit of Stormvermin, a Warlord, a couple of Rat Ogres and a Grey Seer as quickly as I can, then get some games played. A much less daunting barrier to entry than “paint 80 of these guys and you’ll be about one fifth of the way towards being able to START playing WFB”.

Anyway, here’s a pic of the unit and a detail shot of the command group lads. Hope they’re good enough; I really need to work on my photography setup.

IMG_5064_edit IMG_5068_edit

Louise Sugden – Knocking it out of the park, with not 1 but 3 single minis

His name is Snagafang, the shamanic Warboss of my Snakebite ork army. His skills in breeding increasingly terrible squiggoths and creating jacked up boars elevated him from Runtherd to Warboss (aided by the help of an extra cutty powerklaw). The theme here is very consistent with the rest of my savage ork army except with a little more emphasis on the animalistic side of my army which seems to be becoming more and more prominent with every model.


The second model is my new Wierdboy. Despite his size and clear status as a grot, Goregumo’s name is whispered as a legend on the planet he inhabits. He dwells in the darkest depths of the jungle where the sheer density cobwebs remove the comfort of movement and sight. Rumor has it that he was spawned from ground which was infested by a very ancient batch of spider eggs producing a grot with the kind of speed, agility and eye/leg ratio which would make even the toughest sister of battle squirm.


Lastly is my converted Stonehorn (squigalope). His theme is consistent with the rest of my army, which at this point resembles a horrible concoction of unwilling jungle critters and a few trucks of steroids. The Squigalope was raised (and jacked up with all kinds of strange mushroom-based potions) from humble beginnings as a grunting boar by a runtherd who later utilised his knowledge to become a powerful warboss.

Kev Walsh – Painted the Stormcast Eternal from White Dwarf along with the Ben Komet’s tutorial from Painting Buddha. Tried to make a marble looking base so it looked like he was defending a palace or something. All done in NMM!


Phil Millar – I decided to grab some scenery for Age of Sigmar, it’s a bit more important to the game than it was in Warhammer Fantasy and there have been some really cool kits coming out, the Baleful Realmgates have been painted to represent portals to the other Realms, so far I have done a portal to the Realm of Heavens and Life, the heavens done in blues and golds like the Stormcast Eternals and Life was gone with Greens and Yellows with grass growing in the cracks and recesses. I’ve got the Realmgate of Death built ready to go with Spirit Hosts coming through the Portal and the other will probably be fire because it’ll look cool.

pmb pmg

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  1. So hyped on all of these. The Pit Slaves are wonderful, as are the Nurgle Plague Knights and the Stormcast Eternal. The Gobbo Shaman gets my vote though!

  2. Tough call but I’d give Phil’s realmgates the nod. I quite like that bright, crisp, cartoony sort of style and doing a good job of your scenery is something a lot of folks overlook.

  3. Jake’s pit slaves. Awesome paint job, nice and dirty, but the conversions on them push them ahead for me.

  4. Do you know tha aos is the game that killed the original Warhammer but keeps stealing ideas from it?

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