Ill Blood II – An All New Low – Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Draw

Brett Charge - Ming Lee

Tomorrow marks the second Ill Blood Warhammer Fantasy tournament at Dark Sphere in Altdorf London. Army lists are in a checked and all there is to do now is to turn up and roll some dice. Hopefully there should be some lively social media updates, so check #illblood on Twitter and Instagram for some war corrispondance from those who are witnessing it first hand.

But more importanly, here is the first round draw…

Luke Lane – Dwarves
Rob Boyce – Lizardmen

Marc Wilson – Orcs & Goblins
Ben Farndell – Dwarves

Chris Mace – Warriors of Chaos
Chris Stokes – Warriors of Chaos

Random Draw
Luis Puchades – High Elves
Owyn Abram – Wood Elves

Marcin Salamon – Ogre Kingdoms
Mark Hampson – Beastmen

Josh Dutton – Bretonnia
Sean Morrison – Ogre Kingdoms

Andy Spiers – Dwarves
Mark Pocock – Daemons of Chaos

Gareth Barton – Orcs & Goblins
Sam Cureton – Orcs & Goblins

Francesco Cacciatore – Warriors of Chaos
Timothy Richardson – Dark Elves

Adam Cunis – Warriors of Chaos
Thomas Munk – Wood Elves

Matt Smith – High Elves
Matthew Wilson – Warriors of Chaos

Chris Marlow – Warriors of Chaos
James Cockburn – Warriors of Chaos

Phil Rossiter – Wood Elves
Samuel Phillips – Lizardmen

Melvin Campbell – Wood Elves
Dominic Staveacre – Dark Elves

Alec Courtney – Warriors of Chaos
Kieron Allender – Skaven

George Hollingdale – Lizardmen
Ross Baker – Tomb Kings

Army Breakdown
Warriors of Chaos – 8
Wood Elves – 4
Dwarves – 3
Orcs & Goblins – 3
Dark Elves – 2
High Elves – 2
Lizardmen – 3
Ogre Kingdoms – 2
Bretonnia – 1
Beastmen – 1
Daemons of Chaos -1
Skaven – 1
Tomb Kings – 1

With a quarter of the field being Warriors of Chaos, we expect to see a high number of casualties, the other over whelming contingent is spread between the Elven races, so in stark contrast to the grim northerners from the Chaos Wastes, we also expect to see a certain degree of dandy-ness, laced cuffs and flower waving.

Good luck to all involved and may your Gods smile on you this weekend.

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