Mourn The World Of Man

War. War never changes.

Or at least that’s what Ron Perlman’s told me on multiple occasions. Whether it’s a long time ago in a galaxy far away or the Grim Darkness of the far future it’s not a pretty thing. It’s not subtle, unforgiving and damn straight it’s messy as hell.

For my money there’s only one Fantasy race that so completely encapsulates the chaotic, wanton destruction and essence of battle to warrant pouring hours of my meagre existence into painting up a block of troops. We don’t need technology, fancy weapons or showy magic spells (yes I’m looking at you Teclis). An innate will to ruin everyone’s day; a solid wall of Primal Fury and Chaos tainted nature rampaging in it’s bestial form. It’s time to shirk the life of man, release the Beast within, muster the Bray Herd and return humanity to it’s rightful place as food.

Also, who doesn’t ultimately want the option to field a Doombull on a magic carpet?

Beastman Charge by Paul Dainton

Overly dramatic intro and window into my thoughts concluded, I figured, as the slowest painter in the land, that to have a hope in hell of getting 500 points finished in time for the¬†inaugural¬†Corehammer World round robin I need something that can be bashed out quickly to a good standard. That means fur and metals, airbrush washes and drybrush. That means Beastmen. What a coincidence! Did I mention my thoughts on…? Oh right yes.

I’m already in danger of being more verbose than a good Beastlord has any right so I’ll keep pontification on paint schemes to one side until a later post and for now keep it simple.

Battalion bought, Brayshaman on the shopping list, 500points. Get in!

Now listen to the sound of the Drakwald

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3 thoughts on “Mourn The World Of Man

  1. Running my Doombull with a 1+ re rollable armour save, every successful one gives him an attack back and an ward saves rolled against him have to be re rolled. Indstructibull.

    • Now that’s exactly who should be at the head of any Beast herd. Sadly I’m a ways off my own Doombull and Minobus; with the best will in the world even I don’t think anyone would believe “Beastmen are cheap, he’s only 125 points” as I loosed a monster like that on the table.
      Always open to tips though, this is my first tentative step into fantasy and I have no clue what to avoid in small games (or what dirty tricks can be pulled).

      • He’s like 300 odd in my build but I’ve only just started bunkering him in the minobus so might do some trimming.

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