A Tale of Von Gamer: Meat and Metal

Necrorks by White Metal Games, used without permission...

I bleed you for one and the edge, but what more can I do?
Give in to the hunger and savour the best parts of you
Meat and metal, all must die
All but I…

In the comments to the last of these little diatribes I hinted that the imminent release of Codex: Necrons might stick a spanner in my Orky workings, and this has turned out to be true… up to a point.

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A Tale of Von Gamer: Ready To Die


We shoot without a gun,
We’ll take on anyone,
It’s really nothing new,
It’s just a thing we like to do!

You’d better get ready to die
You’d better get ready to kill
You’d better get ready to run,
’cause here we co-o-ome,
You’d better get ready to die!

2015 arcs toward us with all the subtlety of an anvil in flight (in fact, by the time this gets posted, it may well have hit us head-on), and a new year invariably means a cack-handed attempt at pledges. You know how it works. Hand on heart, we stand up and swear that this year will be different. This year we’ll stick to our budget, we’ll do the whole open-accounting thing, we’ll decide on our projects NOW and we’ll see them through the year…

… and then, like a vegetarian who smells a bacon sandwich, we come around, covered in crumbs and grease, stomach churning and yet vaguely satisfied, wondering if there’s any ketchup left after what we just did to ourselves.

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Corehammer Armies: Dale Sibley’s 13th Company Space Wolves

Our Dark Throne tournament back in April was a pleasing experience on a number of levels, the most important of which was that it provided a meeting point for our little community to come together and socialize like functioning humans. To break bread, share a few laughs and roll some dice with like minded souls. The broad cross section of people who showed up and got down to it demonstrating some actual unity would have made Rick Ta Life’s heart swell with pride. Crusties, moshers, noobs, edgemen, thrashers, rippers and hessians all hanging out and getting along. But it wasn’t just washed up old farts in their mid 30’s playing though, oh no, the youth turned up too, including a solid crew of coremen from Chester. Dale Sibley was amongst them and despite not having it all his own way in the games (his Tau took a bit of a hiding) it was a pleasure to have him and his boys join us for the day. Dale recently posted some pictures of his 13th Company Space Wolves up on Instagram and given that I play 13th too, I figured it’d be a good opportunity to shoot him some questions to find out what he had to say for himself! Continue reading

Oath of Moment – Daemons of Nurgle


“The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time” – Argel Tal to Lorgar Aurelian

Some time ago, I picked up some of the plastic GW Plague Bearers and an Avatars of War model to use as a Herald (or Daemon Prince) of Nurgle as allies for my Chaos Marines in 40k. Incredibly, breaking from true Tony of Nurgle tradition, I actually painted them in a relatively short time frame. Regrettably, I only used them once or twice.
So rather than leave them as a project completed in relative folly, I decided that 7th Ed 40k was a reasonably good excuse to build a new army – mono-Nurgle Daemons.

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Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown Part 4

This is part four of the Tale of a Gamer series, this particular set of articles centers around my Wood Elf army, as it grows.

I say Wood Elf army, but as it stands my army is 100% the creatures of Athel Loren: Treeman, Dryads, Branchwraiths, Tree Kin and soon to be an Eagle. And, if i’m brutally honest, for the time being I’m quite liking that. Fuck the meddling elderkin, this ill shit was here first.


For the 500 points, I’m pretty much there. I’ll take a Branchnymph for my unit of Dryads, three Tree Kin, an Eagle and a Branchwraith for HQ. I’m assuming this sits in with my infantry, but I’m not sure on this point as I’ve only read the fluff in the army book. I’m shit at rules, that’s what John Marsden’s for. But I digress, that’s about 460 points, add a few magical things and we’re ready to rock at 500.

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As Wicked…


While I still haven’t put together a 500 point list yet, I wanted to try out the paint scheme I thought of for these nasty little bastards. I already know I will be fielding a lot of Night Goblins in the list so it’s safe for me to move forward. I didn’t want to just black, or dark grey. I was thinking of either midnight blue, or a dark turquoise. I settled on the latter, and got to work. Continue reading

Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism – Dark Elves Part 2

Immortal looking sweet as fuck down the woods

Immortal clearly giving very few fucks.

So Part 2 of my gamer’s tale finds us picking up where we left off with an exploration of the massive pile of Druchii I got off Owain a couple of weekends back. It should be noted at this point that the handover took place at a busy hardcore show in Leeds that Owain’s bands were playing. It was a good gig, the vibe was right, all the bands were great and there were a lot of good friends hanging around. Too bad I was not interested in any of that at all, I just wanted to get home and play with my new toys pew pew!

After having a good rummage through the stack of boxes and consulting a few old DE pictorial guides to identify some of the models, my haul breaks down like this:

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Dope Sick Goblins


The moshing Orc.

After sitting on the boxes for a few weeks, I decided to get in to the swing of things with my Orc and Goblin army that I inherited from Corehammer luminary John Smart. Going through the box brought back some fond memories of gaming in Smart’s old flat five years ago. In particular I loved seeing the Moshing Orc again, seeing this guy made me realise that the imagination of John Smart is not to be messed with. Continue reading

Them Bones


Well it seems that most of the guys are coming to the Tale of Gamers with little to no Fantasy experience, it’s all good, you have to start somewhere with what I believe to be the most rewarding and tactical of GW’s games. I however have been playing the game for around 18 months after coming back to the hobby and deciding that Space Marines didn’t cut it for me (although I’ve dabbled in the newer edition and it aligns more to the fine memories I hold onto of 2nd edition, so in the future I’d like to give it a proper chance).

Currently I run a 2400 point Ogre Kingdoms army which I love to play, generally running them with a mix of filth and fluff (last few games I’ve had 6 Yettis, just because!) So coming from an army that has a relatively high power level (or some would argue had, due to the balancing GW seem to be doing with all of the 8th books) I’ve wanted to use an army that would improve my tactical play as well as bing easy to paint to a decent standard. Loving an underdog, I thought I would go for the widely considered bottom rung army, The Tomb Kings.
Beneath the Sands