My Luck’s Changing with the Roll of the Dice – Corehammer Shirts Available for Pre-Order

Corehammer shirt navy mock

Over the past couple of months, our collective, and with it our Empire, has expanded from being a few people on an e-mail list to a large and varied group of miscreants contributing daily towards an ever-growing resource.

We have plans for further expansion though, and as part of this (and the fact that we like collectible printed garments just as much as any other coremen), we decided to print up some shirts so that we could represent our cabal whenever required (or even when unrequired). When an unfunctional gamer at one of our local gaming stores clocks a stern lecture on their lack of personal hygiene, there will be no doubt that it came courtesy of Corehammer.

We have received a bit of interest on this merchandise, so have decided to make it open to the proletariat. If you are interested in picking one up, place an order at our new munitorium depot. We will be taking orders for the next week or so, so please don’t wait around to place your procurement request. Everything is being printed to order, so don’t hesistate and then try to blag one from us later.

Orders will be printed and despatched by the end of July, unexpected warm storms pending. If you have any queries/requests, use the contact us form on the webstore.

P.S. Corehammer stalwart Adam Chander is responsible for the moshing Marine illustration, get in touch with him if you need his services for drawing or tattoos.

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