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As well as being a veteran edgeman, part of Atonement Records and bass player in bands such as Ironclad, Ark of the Covenant and Natural Order, OC has an unfortunate penchant for collecting plastic models that come in shiny boxes, such as Warhammer models and Lego, and an even more unfortunate tendency for procrastination, meaning much of their contents never see the light of day.

Youth Gone Wild – An Interview about Wild in the Streets

wits logo croppedSomething all of us in Corehammer have been excited about for a while now is the upcoming Wild in the Streets game being developed by our US affiliate Chris Kohler. We have been selling casts of the first model, Sid the Crusty Punk for a few months now, and a few months ago I did an interview with Chris to find out more about the game. Then a lot of things happened in my life, I procrastinated and this languished in the drafts section of our website for “a while”. Thankfully, Chris is a patient dude, and with a few edits we’ve got it back on track. Continue reading

Wild in the Streets – Sid the Crusty Punk Available Now (with a Competition)

Wild in the Streets is a new miniatures game being developed by friends of Corehammer, Slow Death Games. Currently being playtested and on course to be released in 2015, Wild in the Streets is a gang based skirmish game featuring Punks, Skins, Cholos, Goths and even LARPers fighting it like The Warriors on their way back to Coney Island. It’s Necromunda crossed with a show at the Camden Underworld, you’re in right?

ki-boomboom-ki-boom.. you can just hear Sid tapping a D-Beat out on his axe.

ki-boomboom-ki-boom.. you can just hear Sid tapping a D-Beat out on his axe.

The game might still be in development now, but the first sculpt, Sid the Crusty punk has already been cast in white metal, and Slow Death have sent us a box of them to sell, which makes us their EXCLUSIVE EU DISTRIBUTOR. Cool dudes alert. They can be found on sale in the Corehammer Munitorium for just £2.50 (plus applicable postage and packaging costs).

Sid the Crusty Punk Painting Competition

Sid the Crusty is the very first sculpt they’ve made for the game, and as you can see from the comparison shot, the sculpt was based on a friend of Slow Death, with results even Discharge could “say nothing” about.

sid comparison

We thought the concept of punks painting punks was pretty meta, so to encourage it further, we are starting 2015 off with a competition for a Corehammer goodie bag. Grab a Sid miniature from the store, paint it up and send us a photo by February 14th, and the Corehammer Mournival (and Garro) will cast judgement over your offerings. Going to town on the denim jacket, tattoos and any conversions to up the punx of the model are positively encouraged. We realise it’s a bit not-crust to make you buy things to take part, but it’s the only way this could really work.

Coming Soon

In the next few weeks (and indeed months) we will be featuring more content on Wild in the Streets, including a bit more about the game itself, an interview with the people behind it, and of course the new models and the game itself when they are released.

Keep it foolish.

Into the Infinity of Thoughts – Part One

Infinity is a 28mm skirmish game produced by the Spanish company Corvus Belli that has steadily been building momentum. As it approaches its third edition, N3, which launches at the end of the year, a new starter set, Operation:Icestorm has been launched. For this two part article, Corehammer’s Infinity “veteran” Daniel Duggan, and greenhorn OC talk about their experiences and thoughts with this new boxset and the game as a whole.

Operation Icestorm

The Operation: Icestorm set.

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Kickstart My Heart – Battle Systems Modular Terrain Part II – Interview

kickstarterBS102Yesterday I published an introduction to the Battle Systems Modular Terrain, but as ever with Corehammer, we wanted to dig a little bit deeper and know a bit more about the people behind it. What drives them to what they do, how did they stumble into this hobby, and how did they go about turning a hobby into a business? They kindly obliged us.

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Kickstart My Heart – Battle Systems Modular Terrain Part I


If you have been at all involved in the world of wargaming over the past two or three years, you will have noticed that the trend for independent companies to run Kickstarter style fundraisers for their new releases has become nearly ubiquitious, and with Mantic’s Deadzone, Kingdom Death’s Monster and Reaper Miniatures Bones and Bones II all raising millions of dollars, who can blame them.

In a thinly concealed effort to capture the zeitgeist, Corehammer’s elite team of writers will be writing about the projects we have been investing all the money we made from selling limited Games Day merchandise. I’ll be kickstarting (badum-tsh) this series with a piece on Battle Systems Modular Cardboard Terrain.

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My Luck’s Changing with the Roll of the Dice – Corehammer Shirts Available for Pre-Order

Corehammer shirt navy mock


Over the past couple of months, our collective, and with it our Empire, has expanded from being a few people on an e-mail list to a large and varied group of miscreants contributing daily towards an ever-growing resource.

We have plans for further expansion though, and as part of this (and the fact that we like collectible printed garments just as much as any other coremen), we decided to print up some shirts so that we could represent our cabal whenever required (or even when unrequired). When an unfunctional gamer at one of our local gaming stores clocks a stern lecture on their lack of personal hygiene, there will be no doubt that it came courtesy of Corehammer.

We have received a bit of interest on this merchandise, so have decided to make it open to the proletariat. If you are interested in picking one up, place an order at our new munitorium depot. We will be taking orders for the next week or so, so please don’t wait around to place your procurement request. Everything is being printed to order, so don’t hesistate and then try to blag one from us later.

Orders will be printed and despatched by the end of July, unexpected warm storms pending. If you have any queries/requests, use the contact us form on the webstore.

P.S. Corehammer stalwart Adam Chander is responsible for the moshing Marine illustration, get in touch with him if you need his services for drawing or tattoos.

New Ethic – Talisman, Warhammer Quest and thoughts on GW’s Digital Gaming Strategy


Whilst GW has received much (mainly valid) criticism for their digital policy over the years, the dissolution of THQ has preceded a new approach for their video games strategy that is started to produce some quite interesting results. Rather than the days of one company holding all the rights, and thus producing hit (Dawn of War), miss (Fire Warrior) and indifferent (Squad Command) games based on their IP, they have reduced the exclusivity and instead started to licence their games out to multiple smaller companies with a proven track record in delivering mobile content, who can develop apps that are faithful to their IP.

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In Darkness We Stand, Divided We Fall – A Review of Corax: Soulforge

I’ve had a sabbatical from the Heresy series for the past six months or so due to Black Library changing the publishing formats of the books, and the tragic collector in me wanting to keep everything on my shelf the same size. Rather than spend my time crying about it on the Internet though (if the size of a book’s initial print run format has “killed your love for the series” you need to get a grip), I just caught up with other things like the Wheel of Time (which I didn’t get on with, but I digress) and WWII novels about the Nazis.

The Horus Heresy series for me has on the whole been a great success. I’ve loved how they’ve used it to explore some of the more obscure areas of the background, such as the Mechanicum, Sisters of Silence, Custodes, Thunder Warriors and so on that have been teased about for years, and to be honest they can take as long as they like to get to the Siege of Terra.

Heresy Novella Collection

Heresy Novella Collection

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