Oath of Moment – Word Bearers


purity_seal_by_logangrimnar42-d4u8qvyLast January I set myself the oath of painting up a Word Bearers army. I’d not painted up a full army in a long time to a high standard. some of my EC army were alright, but nothing to write home about so this was The Army, one to keep and display but also to use in games.


The units were all 30k, to be painted up in the metallic blood red of the XVII legion, troops, vehicles, everything, and weathered up in a scale model style, a really gritty dark scheme not the bright GW/’Eavy Metal style. I can use the army in both 40k as Chaos, or Loyal, and also of course, 30k.

I apologise in advance for the pics, the metallic red doesnt work so well in pics and the camera on my phone only works well in bright natural light, but you get the idea.


Erebus & Kor Phaeron exit their ride. The entire inside is painted and weathered, no ones ever gonna see it.

As 2015 rolls to a close, I’ve pushed my modelling, and painting skills a fair way these last 12 months, and have around 3000 points sat in my cabinet looking really good. The sheer number of models all painted up the same looks really impressive, both in the case and on the table top.


Reused an old shoebox dread, came out nicely!

I began with some troops, 2 15 man squads and a basic army outline from my man in Sweden John Smart. Once these were nailed, it gave me the inspiration to carry on. Id never painted up 30 basic troops to a high standard, let alone enjoyed it!


Coupla tac marines

While I still have another 3000 points or so of Word Bearers alone to paint, I cannot wait to get stuck in to the next part of my army, to include a glaive, destroyers, assault troops, Gal Vorbak, Ashen Circle, all with their own sorts of challenges.

2015 has seen the completion of:-

2 x 15 man tactical squads

1 x 5 man seeker squad

Erebus & Kor Phaeron


Master of Signal & Legion Champion

1 x 10 man heavy bolter squad


2 x medicae



Praetor in terminator armour

Dark mech magos

Whirlwind Scorpius


Magnetised so you can move the pods. Pew Pew!





1 x 10 plague bearers allies + champion of Nurgle


Rotting hell!


Oath of moment has been fulfilled, enjoyed and by 2017, chances are I’ll be pushing almost 10k and have something to be really proud of.


Troops, trooping. Yesterday,


Legio car park.

Over & out.