Show Me How The Gods Chill – New Cold World Record full stream

cold-worldAlong with Down To Nothing, Cold World are probably responsible for one of the highest injury counts amongst the whole of the Corehammer Crew (and taking up an inordinate amount of OC’s wardrobe space). Furthermore, Dan Mills dreams of one day having a Space Marine army that is all black, with just red eyes. Vice have got a grip of their new record and are streaming it in full over on their site.

When ‘Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First’ was released, I grabbed it pretty quick. A weird, kind of trippy record with nods to a whole host of music and roots placed firmly in the nineties, all underpinned with some of the hardest mosh parts you will hear. This record carries on from that and pushes the boundaries even further (including an appearance from the legend that is Kool G. Rap on Hell’s Direction). When it comes to hardcore, I tend to like where the boundaries are: sound like Side By Side or fuck off. Cold World are one of the few exceptions. This record rips. It’s hard, it’s well thought out, it makes me want to stomp around in power armour. Check it out on the link above.


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