Star Wars Issue 1: ‘The circle is now complete’

Star-Wars-1-Hasbro-PX-Variant-f8492Although there’s still 11 months to go before The Force Awakens, the first new installment in Disneys Star Wars arrives in cinemas, there’s clearly some house keeping to be done. With the Expanded Universe established by Dark Horse comics and a plethora of novels essentially being nuked out of existance and Marvel reclaiming the licence to publish the comics, the first new official SW publication ‘under new management’ proved to be quite the event.

All across the globe from the former colonies of Australia to the sun blessed shores of California and back to the rain soaked Isle of Albion the hunt was on. The Sith Lords Of Corehammer scurried back and forth from comic book store to collectibles emporium in fevered pursuit of the many variant covers for this most anticipated of inaugural issues. A steady stream of activity on instagram illustrated all too clearly that whilst The Force was strong with some of us, others were not so fortunate.  Special shout out to Don, Jav and Pepper and everyone else who got involved with the fun! It would appear the Boba Fett variant cover escaped us all!

As for the book itself? With the Star Wars universe beyond the six films and the TV shows Clone Wars & Rebels no longer deemed canon, Marvel have chosen to explore more familiar territory by setting this series in the void between the destruction of the OG Death Star at the end of a New Hope and the rebellion entrenching themselves on Hoth at the beginning Empire Strikes Back. Even for the most casual of Star wars fans this setting/time should be easy to wrap your dome around.

Writer Jason Aaron has delivered a very cinematic script and has absolutely nailed the characterisations of Han, Chewie, Luke, Leia etc. Han’s lines in particular are so on point that’s its impossible not to hear Harrison Ford’s voice in your head whilst reading. The dynamics between the familiar characters are wonderful, there’s humour and action in equal measure but there’s a tension in the writing that reminds us what’s at stake. This is still  about ragtag rebels waging a guerilla war against an unrelenting and ruthless Imperium. The scene where Chewie is forced to make a choice between being there for  his friends or serving the the greater good and ‘taking the shot’ is a simple but brilliantly effective piece of visual storytelling.

John Cassaday’s artwork pops and compliments the tone and the script perfectly. This really FEELS like classic Star Wars and that’s taking nothing away from Dark Horse who I thought did a great job during their stewardship of the title. I guess for the first time in a long time I am really excited for what the future holds for Star Wars. It feels like things are finally coming home.

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    • Hey no problem mate. I love your blog by the way, I was literally just browsing over there and was surprised to find your comment upon my return!

  1. I decided to take the plunge so I send Adam to the comic shop for me. It sucks not having one near where I work or live. I’ve seen all of Rebels so I’ll pretty much up to speed with the whole SW legacy now.

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