Star Wars Issue 1: ‘The circle is now complete’

Star-Wars-1-Hasbro-PX-Variant-f8492Although there’s still 11 months to go before The Force Awakens, the first new installment in Disneys Star Wars arrives in cinemas, there’s clearly some house keeping to be done. With the Expanded Universe established by Dark Horse comics and a plethora of novels essentially being nuked out of existance and Marvel reclaiming the licence to publish the comics, the first new official SW publication ‘under new management’ proved to be quite the event.
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More Than Meets The Eye: An Interview With Eddie Crooks

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Eddie Crooks: No Joke

As part of our expanding coverage of the hobby, we thought it might be fun to occasionally shine a light on other aspects of fandom that we are interested in, beyond the usual Corehammer parameters. With that in mind, let me introduce to you Eddie Crooks, an English coreman now residing in Scandinavia. Via mutual follows on Instagram of all places, I became aware of Eddie’s interests and encyclopaedic knowledge in the realm of vintage toy collecting, something I have dabbled in sporadically over the years. Eddie also runs Droid Rage online fanzine and Utter Garbage, a dedicated Garbage Pail Kids fanzine. Here’s what he had to say: Continue reading