Entrenched: Why John Constantine Needs That Coat

JohnAs Corehammer has slowly grown beyond the original small circle of friends that initially comprised it to resemble a larger community of like minds, we have been fortunate to have made lots of new friends and allies who share our tastes and punk rock approach to gaming and ‘nerd culture’ (worst phrase ever). One such individual is Rich Nerdgore. I ‘met’ Rich through Instagram after chancing upon his wonderful illustration work (@artofnerdgore) and it was clear that we shared an appreciation for the good things in life, Discharge, comic books, Simon Bisley artwork and 80’s White Dwarf back issues. Rich did the incredible Moshpit artwork that graces the front of the most recent Corehammer shirt and we’ll soon be collaborating again on the Corehammer Fighting Fantasy zine I am currently writing. Anyway Rich sent this article over regarding a few things he needed to get off his chest about the current state of indomitable scouse warlock and all round shithouse John Constantine. I told him we needed a header image for the article and ten minutes later he’d knocked out the drawing above. TEN MINUTES. Makes you sick doesn’t it?
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