Unlistenable Racket End Of Year Special – The Best Punk, Hardcore and Metal of 2014

2014 saw a bunch of bands record some music. Some of it was shit, some of it was excellent. Here’s a list I done which features 20 of the best ones. Have a look with your eyes.


1. Pianos Become The Teeth – Keep You (Epitaph Records)

No, I wouldn’t have thought so either. That hectic screamo nonsense is dialled right down and replaced with gentle melancholic rock with the effect being simply breathtaking. Low-key, elegant and comprising of all the feels.


2. The Banner – Greying (Good Fight Music)

New Jersey’s finest return to reclaim their crown and deliver a surprisingly complex record. Gigantic mosh rubs shoulders with gothic synth-pop and the result is a brave and nuanced set of tracks; caressing with one hand, smashing your face in with the other.

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