The Shattered Crown – A new game from the makers of Across The Dead Earth


Across The Dead Earth was a really exciting little project that brought the post-apocalyptic aesthetic to a UK setting. Offering gamers from our small island a chance to experience the now familiar setting in a context that’s known to them. There is a certain exhilaration to playing a game based on a locale that is familiar to you. I recall playing Cthulhu game set in 80’s Liverpool and just hearing the names of streets I knew did wonders for my suspension of disbelief and immersion.

The game itself seems cool enough. A nice fast paced skirmish game that you can dip in and out of without the massive cash and time investment of many modern war games. This is a big selling point and it is something that seems to be continuing with Rich Chappell’s newest project The Shattered Crown.


Rich launched his Kickstarter toward the end of June and is, at the time of writing almost a quarter of the way toward hitting his goal. The game itself has some really interesting concepts behind it. Aiming to bring the tactics and approach of historical wargaming to a fantasy setting, with the aim of creating a histo-fantastical alloy, containing all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of historical miniature gaming. Seems cool enough, and some of Rich’s gaming concepts have really got me curious, most notably the turn sequence, which brings a real random element in to play, and enhances the feel of a bloody and quick battle by empowering the army’s general to not only consider the moves his or her force is making, but to anticipate that of the enemy too. Denizens of this Green & Pleasant Land will be happy to know that the game is based on a ‘bastardised’ version of the Wars Of The Roses. So, much like Across The Dead Earth, it treads familiar territory.

The key focus of the Kickstarter is to ensure that the miniatures can be sculpted and cast properly. Rich has a great team behind him with Filip Dudek taking care of concept art and the wonderful Clockwork Goblin miniatures taking care of all the sculpts.


Rich is caught in a tough spot at the moment. He has launched his Kickstarter campaign right in the middle of the Age Of Sigmar wildfire. I can’t see that denting too much of the campaign, and I’m really hoping that this comes off because at its core, The Shattered Crown is the very essence of what Corehammer is about. Punk-gaming at it’s finest. A community focussed, DIY project made by a guy who is doing it for no other reason that the love of his art. Throw a few quid his way. A tenner will get you the rules and you can proxy in any miniatures that you feel. £50 will get you your army in miniature form and the rules. Not a lot of money for a whole new gaming system, and you get that warm fuzzy feeling of having helped out a fantastic project from a truly passionate gamer.

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  1. I’m beginning to feel a bit depressed by a gaming culture which embraces the Age of Sigmar but isn’t ready to back the infinity superior Shattered Crown.

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