Angelcore 2017 – An Age Of Sigmar Tournament

Introducing Corehammer’s first AOS tournament, AngelCore 2017!

We have teamed up again with local London club, Angel Wargamers, to bring you a 2 day event on the 25th to 26th November at a brand new multi-system gaming venue in East London.

This will be a 32 player 2000 point matched play tournament using GHB2017 but with added secondary objectives. This will be held at EXP Leisure on the edge of the Olympic Park, just 15 minutes walk from Stratford Station. This really is the largest gaming venue in London and has tonnes of space, great food and a full downstairs bar next to a Canal, so should be great for Saturday night.

As nerd venues goes, this place is light years away from the dodgy, cramped gaming stores that we are typically used to.

Each ticket is only £25 and gets you 5 games of 2000 points matched play AOS. In addition to this, you will have FULL ACCESS to all gaming zones at EXP for Friday evening and then all day Saturday and Sunday. There is a run-down of each zone below:


EXP’s LAN Zone incorporates rows of modern gaming PCs networked ready for LAN or Online Multiplayer games. We have a selection of popular titles already loaded on the machines including FPS, Battle Strategy and MOBA games. in addition, you can log into your own accounts and download titles you want to play.

CH Highlights: Counterstrike, COD, Battlefield, Warhammer Total War.

Gamers Lounge

In our Gamers Lounge, you will access to a great range of popular and newly-released games published through Sony’s Playstation Network, Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Valve’s Steam platform. We have a collection of the modern gaming consoles as well as many of the retro classics.Our consoles are connected to some large screen TVs, projectors and some older TVs for that authentic retro feel.

The Gamers Lounge also houses Virtual Reality Arenas, equipped with the HTC Vive. (At the event these will be at an additional cost but well worth a try)

CH Highlights: Tekken Arcade Machine, Street Fighter & Band Hero Booth.

Tabletop Games Cafe and Social Hub

This consists of three different areas, including sofas and coffee tables for all kinds of board games, card games or roleplaying games. Our library of games is varied and growing (starting at more than 150 games) and here you will also find the EXP main counter and an amazing games shop run by our partners Magic Madhouse.

CH Highlights: Zombiecide, Blood Bowl, X Wing & store with a flat 20% off all GW.


We are hoping that with access to this variety of games that this will make the evening atmosphere, after the tournament rounds, very unique for events in the UK. As each of these areas are usually pay to play (hourly or day rate) this is insane value for money for our players over the full weekend.

For the hangry wargammers amongst you, this ticket does not include food for the time being but we are finalising a set lunch menu with the kitchen that should come in for under £12 total, for both Saturday and Sunday. Alternatively, you can just pay the £25 and try out their full menu yourselves.

We have already sold 17 tickets and you can find the entrants list plus further details on the event on the AOS forum TGA here or by visiting the Angel Wargammers site.

We will soon be publishing a gamer pack for the event, the area (hotels & directions) and other details shortly. However, if you want to get your tickets now then simply Paypal £25 to as a gift (Friends & Family) with your full name to reserve a place!

As a final point, I know Corehammer is a mixed bag of Fads right now, so If you’re interested in the event but don’t play AOS or can’t commit to the two days then the venue is still fully open for all types of gaming. Just let me know if you are planning to head down as we can certainly talk to the venue about sorting out a side slice ticket for casual attendee’s.

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