Antenocitis Workshop Silhouette templates


Duggan has a bit of a chat about his new silhouette templates from Antenocitis.  He still can’t work out how to say the company’s name either.

I’m having a love affair with Infinity right now.  It’s everything I want out of a tabletop wargame, low model count, plenty of scenery and the ability to react if someone shoots at you.  Everything you need to play the game is essentially free to download from the official website, you can even print out your own card scenery from many 3rd party vendors for free or next to nothing.  The size of each unit is now denoted by a silhouette (S) and this requires you to print out the relevant tokens to use them in game, but flimsy card isn’t perfect for the table so a lot of companies have put out their own.  Most, nearly all in fact are made out of acrylic, come on the relevant base size and serve their purpose very well indeed.  One company, a British company, are going the HDF route.  Antenocitis Workshop impressed me with their fresh take on the template system, instead of putting them all onto their own base, they’re all attached to a kind of stick that allows you to just pace the template by your model, saving you from having to remove the model to put the template in it’s place.  

IMG_3236 IMG_3237

I first caught a glimpse of the set at a tournament about an hours drive from me, put on by the dudes in Totally Crit.  Someone had these nifty templates and I just had to ask where they came from.  The thing that impressed me wasn’t the templates themselves but the box it comes in, one of the edges is curved thanks to loads of slices put into the HDF.  This ingenious design is an extra cost when you buy them, but it’s worth it to have a compact box to put all your templates in.  The best thing about this set is that you get 2 of each size and even 4 of S2 as it’s the most common.  The whole set isn’t as cheap as the other companies out there and the bare HDF doesn’t make it look especially flash but the fact that the whole thing is about the size of a cigar box (worst comparison, ever) and you get 2 of each template, it’s what sold me on this set.


I suck at reviews, this is kinda brief, I’m really just highlighting a cool little purchase I made that’s helped out many a time in my recent games, anything that increases the fun factor in Infinity is good with me.