About Daniel Duggan

Daniel lives in the garden of England, Kent. He currently fronts Unholy Majesty and has been in a few other groups of varying levels of success since 2000. Painting is his first passion although he is a reluctant gamer. He hates mixing paint.

How to tab pin Infinity miniatures to bases

I’ve recently gotten into Infinity, it’s a game with some gorgeously sculpted models.  The problem is, plenty of these models are in poses which make their connection between feet and base so bad, it makes Strife’s “Angermeans” seem like a masterpiece.  Read on to find out my easy solution to the problem.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 20.19.33

Nomads Hellcat w/ HMG

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Oath Of Moment – All Is Rust

photo 2
As a painter first, fluff enthusuast second and a gamer third, I find myself buying models for planned projects and trying out new paint colours when I should be finishing off things I bought ages ago.So in a bid to rid my ever increasing unpainted pile of shame and to kickstart my Iron Hands project, I’m pledging to paint everything I have bought for the army before I get too many models and I inevitably lose interest and start something else.

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March Of The Damned – Part 1


Initially I wasn’t going to get involved with A Tale Of Gamers, I’m a procrastinator, I have too many Grey Knights to paint as it is and I hate having unpainted models lying around, it just deflates my interest and I’ll never get anything finished.  But then one evening at the end of April I decided to have a look on the GW website to see how the armies I used to see and read about in White Dwarf during the early/mid 90’s have evolved and if I were to field 500 points, what would I choose purely for aesthetic reasons?

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