As Wicked…


While I still haven’t put together a 500 point list yet, I wanted to try out the paint scheme I thought of for these nasty little bastards. I already know I will be fielding a lot of Night Goblins in the list so it’s safe for me to move forward. I didn’t want to just black, or dark grey. I was thinking of either midnight blue, or a dark turquoise. I settled on the latter, and got to work.


 My intention here was simple. I was going for speed. I need to be able to knock these lil’ fuckers out as fast as I can. This is a horde unit, so there will be a lot of them. I’m not going the same way I went with my Dwarfs. I want these to get done.

I started out by loading up the Wicker Man, getting some water in to my wet palette, and starting to play about with the base colours I selected. I primed with Vallejo Grey Primer through my airbrush. I should really have used my Iwata Neo but I don’t have any quick-release valves and had a full tank, so I left the Iwata HP-B set up. Once primed Started with a mixture of Dark Sea Blue (046), and Light Turquoise (068).

IMG_0009 IMG_0010Above is the model with its base coat applied. The next step was to throw a few shadows in. Which I did with pure Dark Sea Blue.

IMG_0012 IMG_0011

The shadows in place, I started with the first highlight. I didn’t go overly bright as I definitely want them to look dark. So this is the base colour with a little more Light Turquoise added in.IMG_0013 IMG_0014

At the same time, I started on the skin which was based with a mixture of Death World Forest and Vallejo Flat Earth (143).IMG_0015 IMG_0016I then wen’t up a little with pure Death World Forest.IMG_0017 IMG_0018

I then added Bleached Bone to the Death World Forest for highlights and thought it a good idea to do the teeth at this time too. I based the rope and weapon string in Flat Earth then started, started adding Bleached Bone to the mix for highlights. Did the wood in exactly the same way, and used Beaten Copper from Vallejo Game Colour for the base of the spear tip.

IMG_0019 IMG_0020

For the shield crest, I mixed Averland Sunset and Flat Earth, and drybrushed spear tip with Boltgun Metal. Did the eyes in Blood Red.

IMG_0022 IMG_0021

I’ll tell you this much about The Wicker Man. People bang on about Britt in this film, and they are correct to do so. But ingrid Pitt is not to be sniffed at either.