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January Kickstarter Round Up

Once again, I am going to bravely wade into the festering swamp that is Kickstarter and pull out a few shining nuggets of pure gaming gold.

First up a little gaming mat that’s cheap as hell:

SubF-X Gaming Mats


The second gaming mat Kickstarter from Ceri Designs, he returns a lot tighter with a more focused campaign. Last time was a similar deal £19 for a 3’ by 3’ full colour gaming mat. Great value, these are felt and through some sort of magic have really colourful designs on them. I got one of his last ones for X-Wing and its really bright and clear and at that price, you can’t really argue! This time the focus is on mats for a little game you might have heard of called Guildball. Last time he was quick as hell to get product out and didn’t over promise, a great way to run a campaign. He’s also really receptive to ideas, so if you don’t fancy Guildball (but you should) let him know what else you like and see what he can do.

Representation is Corehammer’s word of the week, so this project is right up our collective alley: Continue reading

December Kickstarter Round Up


We’ve not had a look at what is interesting in the world of Kickstarter for a while so I’m going into the Tabletop Games category to sort through the hundreds of dull Fate RPGs, Board Games with terrible themes and inexplicably popular steampunk playing cards to find some gems that you might like.

First off, a stone cold classic, the second biggest role playing game of the late 70s:

RuneQuest second Edition


Your girl in the middle has upgraded to a breastplate from the 70s blue bra

RuneQuest: Classic Edition

One of the big daddies of the RPG scene and well loved by many. It’s a game I’ve never played but I am familiar with the setting, Glorantha, from some other games, mainly the excellent Kings of Dragon Pass (an absolutely amazing game that is part Choose Your Own Adventure and part Bronze Age village management game set in a fantasy world. If that doesn’t grab you as something you want to play, you’re on the wrong blog son.)

Anyway, back to the kickstarter, $30 gets you the reprint of the classic 2nd Edition RuneQuest Rulebook in Hardback with some added extras like a GM Screen. The campaign is already funded so any more money they get will go to the Stretch Goals (kickstarter lingo for “what we’ll do if we get more money”) to get other original material back in print. Not much in the way of freebies just a great price for the product, which always seems safer to me, too many campaigns over promise on stretch goals only to have gotten the sums wrong and end up up in trouble. Doesn’t look like that will be the case here as they have their heads screwed on and their eyes on the prize.

Next, a relative newcomer to RPGs:

Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Locations 

Cover art looks really cool

Cover art looks really cool

Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Locations

It’s a book with 15 details locations to set Fantasy adventures while not being tied to any rules. Each one looks like it will be packed with detail, judging from the sample chapter on the campaign page. Check it out and see how how useful that book will be when your adventurers go off piste but you still want to give them somewhere cool to explore at the drop of a hat.

They’re funded and all extra money goes towards making the book better, adding colour, more locations and making it a much cooler product. Seems like another sensible bunch.

$15 gets you a .pdf of the book when it’s done. They’re doing it digitally because it’s 2015, I know we all like a physical book but those things are pricey to ship and a nightmare for a small company like these guys.

This next one gets a mention for making me laugh just at the idea:

Magic Missile Dice

For when adding one is too much work.

For when adding one is too much work.

Magic Missile Dice d4+1

Do you play a wizard? Sick of having to add one to your dice rolls for Magic Missile? Here are the very specific dice for you.

In all seriousness, yeah it’s daft but it’s a funny and pretty unique addition to your dice bag and they’re being made by Q Workshop who make some very cool dice. They’d make a nice gift for the wizard in your party.

Again, its already funded so, unless something goes massively wrong, $20 gets you 5 of these dice. Bit steep for something you only use for one spell but totally custom dice aren’t cheap.


That’s all I saw that caught my eye as interesting, if you think there is anything I missed let me know in the comments. If you’re going to be running a Kickstarter that you think Corehammer readers would be into, shoot me an email with the details and we’ll check it out.