The Sinister Fairground – App Review


Adventure Time!

Adventure Time!

The Sinister Fairground by Cubus Games, for iOS, is a Gamebook, or, as described in the narrative, “a written work of explorative hyperfiction where the reader is the main character in an adventure”.

The setting for this particular adventure is a fairground outside a small town.  You’ve gone to meet your girlfriend, Sophia, but she doesn’t turn up.  Calling her phone, a sinister voice you don’t recognise answers, sending a shiver down your spine.  Something is terribly wrong. You decide to investigate the fairground and search for her, but it would seem that the nightmare is only beginning….

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Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Shamutanti Hills – Android review

2Our app guy Robb Edge pops his CH cherry with this review of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery series for iPhone and Android. Cheers, Nate

Whilst on the lookout for something new to distract me on the tube, I came across a freshly released Android app, Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! I’d been a big fan of Choose Your Own Adventure stories and had a few Fighting Fantasy books when I was a youngster, but I’d never heard of the Sorcery! series. At three quid, I figured it’d be worth investigating. Continue reading

‘Feed The Tree’ ….Tin Man Games’ Forest Of Doom reviewed

Shape-shifting Tit

Just a hoodrat, out doing hoodrat shit

Before we kick off let’s get this straight ..I’m not an ‘app guy’. Hell, the only reason I even have a space phone now is because my wife was upgrading to the iPhone 5 and let me have her old model. Prior to that act of charity, I was perfectly happy kicking it Nokia style with a beaten up blower that could just about send a text and was held together with Sellotape. Owning up to date tech and communicating with other humans has just never been that important to me I guess. With all that in mind I feel a bit like I’m traipsing with my bumpkin boots all over OC’s cabbage patch. Sorry Chief. Continue reading

New Ethic – Talisman, Warhammer Quest and thoughts on GW’s Digital Gaming Strategy


Whilst GW has received much (mainly valid) criticism for their digital policy over the years, the dissolution of THQ has preceded a new approach for their video games strategy that is started to produce some quite interesting results. Rather than the days of one company holding all the rights, and thus producing hit (Dawn of War), miss (Fire Warrior) and indifferent (Squad Command) games based on their IP, they have reduced the exclusivity and instead started to licence their games out to multiple smaller companies with a proven track record in delivering mobile content, who can develop apps that are faithful to their IP.

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